10 Best Youtube Covers Of “Malaysia Chabor – Joyce Chu”

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If you are a Malaysian or Singaporean, especially from Chinese ethnic, you probably are familiar with this song:


Malaysia Chabor – Joyce Chu  (Music: Namewee,  Lyrics: Namewee)

This song no doubt is the most viral song recently in Malaysia and Singapore, and other Chinese-speaking region especially Taiwan. Within 4 days, just 4 days after it was released on Youtube, it has gotten 1 million views! (currently 4 million views)

What is interesting is that, it created a viral “cover” movement on internet among Malaysia, Singapore and other Chinese-speaking countries. “Malaysia Chabor”, means “Malaysia Girl” in Hokkien language. The song represents the multi-lingual cultures of the Chinese ethnic in Malaysia. It was soon covered and re-created into different versions such as “Singapore Dapor” (Singapor Boy) or “Malaysia Uncle”, etc.

Today I’m gonna introduce some of the best Youtube Covers of this song Malaysia Chabor – Joyce Chu.


10 Best Youtube Covers Of Malaysia Chabor – Joyce Chu

10 Best Youtube Covers Of "Malaysia Chabor - Joyce Chu"

#10 Malaysia Chabor Klang Kid’s version

Parents started to record their kids singing this song and upload it onto Youtube! Thanks to this song, I’m sure these kids will grow up with a strong identity of being a Malaysia Chabor. 🙂


#9 Vlogger KL Version

It also became a song easy to be re-created into oneself version. Just tinker a bit with the lyrics, you can sing yourself out to represent your own identity.


#8 Thomas Cup Malaysia Boleh Version

It is also a good song to cheer up for the international game – Thomas Cup. Though Malaysia lost the game to Japan, it was a good game to foster two countries friendship.


#7 Singapore Dapor (Boy) Parody

Just change the lyrics a bit, you can represent your own country sexual identity.


#6 Hakka Dialect Version

As we know there are many languages and dialects are facing endangerment. Simply change the language of a song, we can cheer up our language identity.


#5 Malaysia Uncle Version

It’s a good way to speak out the voice for your social status too. Uncle should be heard!


#4 Singapore Military Boys Version

It has been a hard time in the military service. Why not sing your voice out to the public?


#3 Love Song Version

Re-creation shows a person’s creativity. A song can be played in thousand different moods.


# 2 Otamatone Cover

It’s not only one way to perform the music. Creative!


#1 Love Confession Version

Singing is the best way to show your love to somebody. No doubt, the best cover should be this version!


Shen’s Naruhodo

I am very happy when I heard this song because it tells us one thing, that Malaysian has started to put effort into boosting up our national identity by creative works.

Throughout the years, we as a Malaysian, been always feeling inferior to other countries cultures such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, USA, UK and etc. We speak Chinese, but people say our Chinese is not standard. We speak English, but people say our English is broken. We speak Malay, but people say Indonesian language is the standard one.

What happened was that, we have been following the mainstream countries. We pretend that we speak Taiwanese accent Mandarin, we speak BBC English. Of course, not being able to operate the languages as well as the mainstream countries is a scary thing, but the scarier thing is, forgetting / losing our own local culture identity. 

This song is a promising result because it has been hard for Malaysia to create viral content which could involve a large number of people to join the creative re-creation activity, but this song did it! And Namewee, although he never expresses his media insight, I know he understands very well what media can do for the sustainable development of the local cultural identity.

People don’t see what he is trying to achieve, but I am confident that I know what it is. 🙂 Ganbatte Namewee.

Shen Lim
A Chinese Malaysian, Blogger, Vlogger on YouTube, Tour Guide in Japan. He believes 1 day his videos can bring Japan and Malaysia together. マレーシア華人、ブロガー、YouTubeクリエイター、日本にいるツアーガイドです。いつか自分の動画は日本とマレーシアを繋げる架け橋になると信じています。 Read more ABOUT him.

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