Canon Kiss x6i Arrived! | 2 Things I Would Like To Do For You

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FINALLY!!!! My DSLR Canon Kiss x6i arrived yesterday!!! HAHAHAHA
The first DSLR in my life!

Together with my MacBook, these two are going to be my 24-hours-carrying gadgets to make sure I can record down everything happening around me and share it with you immediately. 🙂 (Well iPhone and instagram does this job too lol)

but I DON’T care! I want to take these 2 with me lol Check it out my new baby. 🙂

Canon Kiss x6i box

Canon Kiss x6i box 2

Canon Kiss x6i box 3

Canon Kiss x6i camera

Canon Kiss x6i camera with lens

Canon Kiss x6i camera with lens 2

Canon Kiss x6i camera with lens 3

This is a promotion video of the camera. It is strange that I couldn’t find any official information about Canon EOS Kiss x6i in English. Does it mean this model is only sold in Japan? @@

I don’t understand very well about the specs, for those who want to know more about this camera, check out below link for more detailed information. ^^

The specs of Canon EOS Kiss x6i:


How much it cost?

Camera    :  Canon EOS Kiss x6i
Price         :  78,000 yen (RM 2,289 ++)
Warranty:  5 years

It was a hard decision for me because I was expecting around 60,000 yen range camera. My friend who went shopping with me negotiated with the staff and finally they gave me a tripod which costs around 5000 yen and a camera bag cost 2500 yen as a gift. ^^Y

free gift tripod with Canon kiss x6i

Speaking of free gift, it reminds of a short video made by Malaysian popular youtube celebrity – Jinnyboy TV – Only in Malaysia. Watch the part at around 4:52, there is a funny free gift part usually happens in Malaysia. ^^


What is my plan with this new baby?

#1 Snap my Kyoto and share with you

I got this card from Kyoto government. “Ryugakusei Okoshiyasui Pass”

Kyoto Okoshiyasu pass

This is a travel pass provided by Kyoto city to international students who live in Kyoto city for work/study. With this pass, we can enter these places without entrance fee.

1 Nijo Castle
2 Murin-an
3 Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
4 Kyoto City Zoo
5 Kyoto International Manga Museum
6 Kaleidoscope Museum of Kyoto
7 Kyoto Municipal Science Center for Youth
8 Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History
9 Otani University Museum
10 Kyoto Institute of Technology Museum and Archives
11 The Kyoto University Museum
12 Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University
13 Umekoji Park / garden of Suzaku / forest life
14 Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama


So my first plan is to travel these spots and share with you what I saw. ^^ I promise that I will learn how to take a good photograph so that you could get some inspirations from the pictures I’m going to take. (Don’t blame if I fail lol)

#2 Make some videos about Japan

I always admired those youtube celebrities like Namewee, Jinnyboy TV, Ryan Higa, David so comedy, and etc. They are really doing a great job to entertain and educate their audiences. I don’t dream of becoming as famous as they are, but deep inside my heart, I feel that I need to create something to make my youth visible – videos.

In other words, i want to make something I can watch back when I am old and laugh about those crazy funny days with my friends. So I will try to make some videos relating to Japan topics for instance, how to drink like a Japanese, Japanese stereotypes, and etc.

I still haven’t had a clear plan about what to make next but I would like to set an initial goal for myself that at least 2 videos a month. (It will increase as I get used to filming)

So don’t miss it and I hope you will enjoy my blog even more in the future. ^^

Your suggestions will be appreciated.

Please let me know your opinion so that I could take it into consideration upon video production and photograph.

1. What kind of photographs do you want to see in Japan (Kyoto because I’m here lol)? (e.x Kinkakuji)
2. What do you want to know about Japan in a video form? (e.x Is Japanese shy?)

I will take photographs or make videos with taking your opinions into consideration. Your opinions will be highly appreciated. Let me know in the comment section thanks. 🙂

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