RSS Tip | 3 Steps How to Find Your FeedBurner ID

  • このエントリーをはてなブックマークに追加

Some WordPress plugins like WP Multicolor Subscribe Widget requires your Feedburner ID to activate the function of the plugin. You can refer to my side bar “Subscribe via mail” widget, that is the result of WP Multicolor Subscribe Widget.

But how to find your Feedburner ID? Here I will provide 3 simple steps to find your Feedburner ID.

Step 1 – Go to FeedBurner my page.

how to find feedburner id step by step
You will see above interface. Usually you will only have one feed. (I wrongly created 3 feeds) Choose the one you want to let your audience subscribe.

In my case, “Naruhodo OIC Japan!

Step 2 – Click Edit Feed Details

You will se below similar interface. (Your stat figure maybe different from the picture)

how to find feedburner id step by step
Click “Edit Feed Details”

Step 3 – Copy the Feed address ID

Then you will see below screen.

how to find your feedburner id step by step

At the section of “Feed Address”, you will see URL with your Feed ID at the back. That is your Feedburner ID. 🙂


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