4 Life Wisdom Quotes from film – “You Again” (2010)

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English is an explicit language compared to Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian languages I suppose. That’s why some words spoken in English, people think it’s wise, but in other languages, it can be awkward. Some words we don’t use in our Asian languages, but it works in English.

I love to learn those wise words from English movies. It makes me think from a totally different perspective (western view). I love watching English movies but I realized that I haven’t been able to keep those good words in my head after the movies. It has always been like watching a fireworks – we enjoy then but forget later.

So I decided to write down the wise quotes that I like from every movie I watch from now on, and take picture and share with you at here. 😉


Our first movie – You Again (2010)

You Again 2010 wisdom quotes



4 Life Wisdom Quotes from “You Again”

#1 Everyone deserves a second chance

You Again 2010 wise quotes

When Marni was irritated and jealous of how well Joanna was fitting in her family, her mum told her to give Joanna a second chance.

If you have a problem with your friend, why not give him / her a second chance? Everyone deserves a second chance. 🙂


#2 Nobody gets through high school unscathed

You Again 2010 wise quotes 2

No pain, no gain. It’s not only about high school, we all must have gone through a hard time in our life. Whenever you feel lonely and your the most miserable person in the world, remember, nobody gets through high school unscathed. You are not the only one who feels pain. 🙂


#3 In PR, 48 hours is a lifetime. All we have to do is isolate the problem, calculate a plan, and institute a solution.

You Again 2010 Marni asks help from her brother

When Marni’s brother was refusing to help Marni to reveal Joanna’s true colors because it was only 48 hours left till the wedding, Marni told her brother that “in PR, 48 hours is a lifetime.”

When life is hard, we should tell ourselves that “48 hours is a life time. All we have to do is isolate the problem, calculate a plan, and institue a solution.” As long as the problem is not a rocket science project, it shouldn’t be that unsolvable, right?


#4 You are a human. Making mistakes is part of what we do. It’s how we go about fixing them matters.

You Again 2010 Making mistakes is part of what we do

You Again 2010 It's how we go about fixing them matters

If you have made a mistake, that you wish you could take back, you are depressed, disappointed, upset, remember, everybody makes mistakes. “It’s how we go about fixing them matters.” 🙂


Naruhodo! OIC!

There are a lot of life wisdom that we could learn from a movie. When life is unhappy, watch a movie and get inspired. This is the secret how I keep myself positive all the time. 🙂

If you love watching movies, feel free to share your thought with me. ^^

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