Girls Alert: 4 Types of Guys You Can’t Trust

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I am neither a professional of love, nor have I had much experience of love. But sometimes, I really feel this when I look at my female friends who are in relationship.

“She is going to be cheated….”
“hmm…he is not treating her in a way she deserves.” 

Well when it comes to love, people always get blind. I might be the one who makes people worry in the way I did too when it comes to love.

The opinions written in this article are based on the book “彼の本命になる!技術” (“Become his Ms.Right! Techniques”), written by Hidenori Sakurai, who is called “the God of women’s studies”.

This article, let’s take a look together what Hidenori Sakurai says about the types of guys that you can’t trust.

p/s The opinions do not apply to all women because they are all from a Japanese author perspectives. 
Do girls trust guys? 4 types of guys you can't trust

1. Small-gift-attack Guy

Sakurai says,

[note] ” 最初からアクセサリーや高価な洋服であれば、危ないと感じて遠慮するでしょうが、小さい品物だけに、それほどの気づかいなしに受け取ってしまうものです。(中略)不思議なことに、「小さくて、おいしくて、かわいいもの」を贈る男には、悪人はいない、と錯覚してしまうのです。”[/note]

“If he gives expensive presents from the beginning such as accessories or clothes, we would feel dangerous and try to decline it. However, often we underestimate the power of small gifts and receive it without much consideration. (…) Interestingly, we always take it wrong that ‘Guys who give small, cute, delicious things are not a bad guy’.” 

The goal of a guy approaching a girl agressively is always sex. The guy who takes different methods just to make a girl smile from the very beginning, often, it is because they want to get to the sex goal quickly.

It is not only the guy who gives small gifts, but a guy who is good at making girls laugh or who has got a glib tongue even though you just met him few minutes ago, they are always the one you should be careful of. Because they make you happy, make you excited about the next surprise. Be careful of the small-gift-attack guy.


2. Omae Guy

Sakurai says,


” ‘Omae’ used to be written as ‘御前’, formerly honorific term, but in modern times, it is used to refer to another man who is at equal level or to a junior (as a meaning of ‘you’). (…) Love becomes impure when it is treated with rude words. It will lose its cleanliness. Your love maybe sounds like a low level relationship when you are called ‘omae’. Don’t you feel awkward with that?”

“Omae” maybe a good word to liven up a party atmosphere when you are telling a joke, but love is different. In Japanese language, “Omae” holds an nuance that the one being called belongs to the one calling. If a Japanese called you “Omae” instead of your name, we can assume he is unconsciously considering himself superior to you, and has a will of ruling.

So what should a guy call a girl to express his love in Japanese world? Name. Being called your name, shows how he loves and cherishes you. Just a very tiny word can make a huge difference.


3. Late-for-date Guy


“You forgive him every time he admits to you that he is busy, don’t you? But if this continues to happen, he would eventually look down upon you because in love world, the winner is always the one who is at a position of being chased over. A guys who is always late for date is underestimating you.”

Be careful of guys who always send you message at the last moment that “Sorry I will be late a bit”. Normally, we will arrange everything to make it to the date on time if it is an important date for us. If you are treated with a message like this, we can assume that he might think “Well, she won’t be angry even though I’m late for date”. Which means, “She loves me so she would forgive me for everything.”

When a guy starts to think in this way, you are losing him because remember, the winner is always the one being chased over.


4.  Guy who always brings you to a place with very few people


“In our lives, luck always comes when our love existence is known by our senior or the people we admire. If he continues to bring you to a place with very few people, don’t you feel that you are living your life in a furtive manner? (…) Those people tend to disappear because they don’t have confidence to deal with the world, the society. Therefore, find yourself a man who can have dinner with you at a lively restaurant.”

Of course sometimes place with very few people is easier for a couple to flirt with each other. However, too much of hiding from the crowd can be a problem too. Man who can deal with public places in a good manner, is a confident and competent person. Love is always blind. Sometimes we need to take a look at him from another angle so that we can know a complete him.


How was it? Did you find some points above from him? Seemingly he is always making you happy, however, the way he represents you to the world is always the most important part you should take a look at.

We can’t say the above points are absolute but if you found some similar characteristics from him, be careful. Safer is always better. Am I right? 🙂

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