5 Things Japanese People are Most Proud of [Guest Post]

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Have you had a dream to visit Japan? Where does your admiration for Japan come from?

According to Japan Media, the following 5 things are voted to be the Top 5 things that Japanese people are most proud of. Other items on the shortlist including scenic environment, delicate Kaiseki cuisine, clean mountain spring water, manga culture originated from Akihabara and more to be mentioned.


1. Punctuality of Public Transportation

Japan public transport 5 things Japanese people are most proud of

Every public transportation in Japan arrives on schedule: buses, trains, subways.


2.  Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine top 5 things japanese are most proud of

Speaking of Japanese cuisine,  sushi, tempura and ramen are well spread all over the world.


3. Good Law and Order Situation

top 5 thing japanese people are proud of safe country

Crime rate in Japan is relatively low. Armed robbery is rare. The people is honest that most lost properties are returned to the owner.


4. Mount. Fuji

top 5 things japanese people are proud of

Mount Fuji has been listed as world heritage recently and has been voted to be one of the 5 things Japanese people are most proud of.


5. Sanitary of the toilet


Hi-tech toilet bowl with heater seat. Although the buttock shower does scare off some foreigners at their first trying but it is very convenient.


Jayzee’s Thought

Jayzee Kong guest post 5 top things japanese people are most proud ofGotta admit that I’ve never step onto the land of the rising sun yet, but I love Japan, the land where urban and traditional culture lies beneath, from the high technology city to the rural traditional craftsmanship. Japan fashion influences to the world is undeniable, judging from only the partial of the culture, you can tell the passion that Japanese hold underneath the red sun. 

I personally think that Japanese individual manners and the way they treated their job are admirable. In the future, I’ll share more thoughts and info about Japanese fashion industry, cheers peeps, ありがとう!    SOURCE




Hi. I’m Jayzee Kong, freelance interior designer and photographer, owns a clothing brand named “The Big Family”, passionate of art & fashion industry. I write articles about streetwear, high-street fashion, styling and latest trend.