5 Things You Need to Remember before You Start Making Videos

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After publishing 3 videos on my Youtube Channel, I learned some important mindset about making videos on Youtube. You may have seen many famous Youtubers who have millions of fans, and think they made that achievement because they continue making videos, well you know, practice makes perfect, that’s why they did it.

But often, we look at the glorious side of them, neglect the bitters they have experienced in the process of making videos. I used to think like this.

“Rxxx Hixx has over 9 million fans. Well he made it because he continued making videos. I can do that too if I keep making videos.”

That’s not the case. After making 3 videos, I realized it’s not an easy thing to keep on making videos. You will encounter many pressure such as criticisms, insults, and other social pressure.

In order to cope with those difficulties, It’s very important for you to have a right mindset before you publish videos to public.


5 Things You Need to Remember before You Start Making Videos

1. All Videos are subjective

After publishing 3 videos, I got many comments from strangers. Some of them tried to challenge me by saying that I’mviral-real-estate-video making stereotypes videos. For instance, my 3rd video Love Talk with Eri san, got comment like “That’s not true. You can’t say all Japanese people have the same perspective as what you have portrayed in the video.”

Yes, they are right. My videos were made based on stereotypes. Technically, all videos should be based on stereotypes – all videos are subjective.

Do you think everything Hollywood movies tell are true?
Do you really think TV news are telling the reality?

The answer is…..NO.

All medias are structured by the producers based on their stereotypes. We can’t expect a perfectly objective video in this world. Every media holds a message that the producer wants to tell.

Therefore, it is normal if people say your video is subjective. However, we can try to reduce the subjectiveness to a certain degree by researching what the audiences think about certain issues generally.

2. Criticisms are inevitable

Your video will receive criticisms for sure. It is really sad when you read the criticisms from a stranger to the video you have thumbsdown10649put all your effort into over the past weeks.

However, as I mentioned, medias are all subjective, which means somebody would agree, somebody would oppose. Sometimes I feel sad and discouraged when I read some criticisms comments. Sometimes, it’s just a meaningless negative comment like “you suck!”

I asked myself,
“Why would I spend times on making a video just to get a ‘you suck!’ from people I don’t even know?”

However, I told myself then,
“It’s okay. At least I made something. Look at those who criticized. Most of the time, they don’t or can’t even make a video. All they can do is just, criticize.”

So what we’re gonna do? We take constructive criticisms, and ignore those stupid criticisms.


3. People don’t share your video, means you’re missing something

My 1st video was shared 100 times and got 2500 views. It was really surprising to me as I didn’t even expect people would watch it till the end.

However, my 2nd and 3rd videos, only got half views of the 1st. People won’t share it out. Why?

Yes, you need to think about Why?
Maybe the length of the video is too long? Maybe the content is not creative? Or maybe…..

We need to analyze the problem of the failed videos, and try to make a better video based on the experience. Learn from the lesson, and make improvement.


4. Who is your target?

Remember, you can’t make all people on this planet happy. You can only satisfy a targeted group of people with your videos.

A tennis tutorial video won’t attract a soccer player to watch. (Well multiple hobbies is possible as well lol)

You need to decide a target audience for your videos. For example, my video purpose is to improve cultural understanding between Malaysia and Japan, my target audience should be Malaysian or Japanese, or other people who are interested to know about Japan culture.

Therefore, I make videos in Chinese (Chinese Malaysian speaks Chinese! Check Wikipedia), English, Japanese, with 3 languages subtitles. (it’s a pain on the ass making multiple languages subtitles >.<)

So who is your target?


5. Read and Reply carefully to every comment

I reply to every comment I get, no matter good or bad. Remember, people don’t have responsibility to watch your videos. Why Commentwould they spend 5 or 10 minutes to watch your video?

If they do, appreciate it. It doesn’t matter how many views we have on our videos, as long as we know somebody is watching for us.

Isn’t it why we started making videos? Because we want to tell something to the people out there.

I want to tell people out there we should improve more cultural understanding between Malaysia and Japan. 100 views, 1,000 views, or 10,000 views, just a matter of figure, the mission of my videos is completed as long as somebody is watching. 😀

And if the audience watched it and left a comment, that’s even more exciting! Your video made him speak! No matter good comment or bad comment, read and reply carefully. Good comments encourage you, bad comments make you improve. 🙂

Now it’s your turn. Do you have any important mindset to share with us?

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