Kyoto Life | APU students gathering – APU vs RU, culture shock!

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p/s APU = Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, in Oita, Japan
RU = Ritsumeikan University, in Kyoto, Japan

Last Saturday, APU exchange students had dinner together!
It was really exciting to me because….. I’m gonna meet APU people!!!!

Why am I excited to meet APU people?

Because I misssss them!

I still remember when I was in APU, professors used to tell me that “APU Japanese are not Japanese, they are unique.”

“What are you talking about? They are Japanese.” This was my reaction. I suppose you have heard the same thing from your friends or professors right?

However, after spending 1 month in Kyoto, meeting a couple of Kyoto friends, I started to realize the meaning behind the words. The Japanese in APU, are really different.

Here I’m going to state some differences I noticed so far. No offense, just sharing my opinions. It cannot be applied to all Japanese people.

p/s My college is Industrial Sociology. In fact, it is said to be the college where many students do not study seriously.

APU v.s RU


#1 Asian itnl students seem to be either Chinese or Korean to them.

Most of the Japanese in RU I met, are lack of geography knowledge compared to APU Japanese.

[note]”Hi, My name is Shen. Nice to meet you.”
“Oh Shen! You are not Japanese? Where are you from?”
“You guess.”

“No. think about Southeast Asia”

“Hawaii? hmm….India!”
“No. they are not Southeast Asia man”

“……..(silence) China!”[/note]

Speechless…. It seems that Asian look intl students are all Chinese or Korean to them.

A typical APU conversation would be:

[note]”Hi, guess my nationality”
“China! Korea! Taiwan! Southeeast Asia? Indonesia! Vietnam! Philippines!”

(then B joins the guess) “Australia!”
(A corrected him) “No! Australia is not Southeast Asia man, Okay Singapore! Myanmmar!”[/note]

the guesses continue….. APU Japanese would even tell me their experience and why they guessed I’m from a certain country.

This is the difference I noticed b/w APU and RU students – the world view (geographically)

#2 Curiosity of foreign culture

It seems that RU students do not show much curiosity about foreign countries. They don’t want to know how I eat in Malaysia, How I study in Malaysia, How is the living cost, How the city looks like, How I think about certain problem.

They seem only interested in what clubs I am considering to join, what alcohol I like, what part time job I’m doing, where do I hangout on weekend.

Of course It doesn’t matter that much since I’m not here to give them culture lesson. But think of the APU Japanese, I always got interviewed in officially and personally about my country culture, how I think about certain issue, they always tried to explore the different perspective inside me.

It made me a little bit lonely here because they expect me to be one of them- to behave and think like a Japanese, not as myself – a Malaysian.


In conclusion

I think APU Japanese are more open-minded and potential to international businesses. I do not have a very clear clue about international communication, but I can say, when it comes to international, APU Japanese, you may not realize yet, but you are better by far, compare to other Japanese people.

However, I also met some amazing RU students here and trying to make some project with them. So when I said above differences please do not take me wrong. I did not mean all, but most of the people I have met so far. Peace.

So here are the good times I had with my APU fellows. ^^


APU gathering dinner

APU gathering dinner 2

3 APU graduates came to join us. They are Riki, Lisa, Tofin. Riki and Lisa are now working for Ritsumeikan University, and Tofin is working in a trade company in Kyoto, speaking amazing Chinese language! 3 of them show excellent intl sense in their works 🙂

APU dinner food

APU gathering Shen emo

trying to be a bit sentimental lol (photography : Mao )

APU gathering cheers

I told you not to smile! destroyed the atmosphere ><

APU gathering beer

Trust me. I’m……beer monster lol (Photograph: Lisa)

Leave a comment if you have something to say about APU and RU ^^

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