Arashiyama 嵐山 Walking Tour for People Don’t Have Time

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Continued previous part: Fantastic Kimono Forest

We took a walking tour around the Arashiyama 嵐山. It’s a very big area and there were many travel spots, especially shrines and temples.

It was rainy and by the time everybody gathered at Arashiyama, it was almost evening. So we decided not to pay and get in those famous temples and shrines, instead, we took a walking tour around the mountain.

Don’t worry, it’s still beautiful like hell! 😛  Follow me~~~

One more time introducing the Randen train we took to Arashiyama Station. 😀 Nice!!!!

Randen train to Arashiyama Station
I heard there was a Monster Contest during August, the Bon Festival Season – the Japanese custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors. In other words….Ghost Festival >”<

Monster Votes Contest at Arashiyama Station

妖怪 Yokai – means Monster / Ghost in Japanese.

Basically, it was a Vote Contest to pick the best monster costume. Some contestants seemed maybe just 3 or 4 years old? @@ They are cuter than my home puppies! How can they be a monster lol

Monster vote contest at arashiyama station

The traffic view around Togetsukyo 渡月橋.  Very normal and local lol

Arashiyama walking tour

That Ojisan! I was waiting for his leaving from that position but he never moved! Then I thought alright, you be my photo model. lol So you see, sometime we really need to be flexible minded 😛

Togetsukyou 渡月橋 arashiyama

View from Togetsukyou 渡月橋 to Katsura River 桂川.

Katsura river 桂川 arashiyama

Togetsukyo 渡月橋 at Arashiyama

I think the scenery is not as good in picture as real. It was majestic! The view of the mountain and the river was spectacular. I felt how small my existence is while breathing the air of the big nature.

Katsura River 桂川 from Togetsukyou 渡月橋

Even pigeon, enjoyed the place… COUPLE! Damn it!

pigeon at arashiyama park

Luckily, I got single pigeon as companion too lol Bro, I understand your feeling. At this point of time, you are thinking whether to kill yourself, or kill the couple over there, right? :p

single lonely pigeon arashiyama

I lied. I was not alone though 😛

Katsura river 桂川 Arashiyama Japanese girl photo

Arashiyama Katsura River

人力車 Jinrikisha – Japanese rickshaw.

Rickshaw at arashiyama 人力車

It reminds me of the trishaw in my hometown Melaka. I really wish they could stop playing those annoying musics while riding the trishaw. Totally destroyed the atmosphere of the world heritage. -.-


Well…back to Arashiyama xD

Togetsukyou Ayaka 渡月橋

Finally all members arrived!! From left Naoto, Ayaka (Japan), Rasmus (Denmark) & Suzu (China)

Chikurin 竹林 kyoto arashiyama

Chikurin 竹林 – Bamboo forest at Arashiyama.

Chikurin 竹林 Arashiyama

It’s really exciting when you look up to the bamboos~

Chikurin Kyoto 竹林 Arashiyama

But not quite good when you look down….
(Hey why didn’t you show the bad one first?! lol)

chikurin 竹林 kyoto arashiyama bamboo forest

This is a little tiny toy house found somewhere inside the bamboo forest. Can you find it? 😀

small toy house at chikurin bamboo forest at Arashiyama

Some where along the bamboo forest (maybe the end of the forest), you will find a very special shrine – Mikami Shrine 御髪神社 – the only shrine in Japan dedicated to the god of hair.

This is the place you definitely should visit if you are a hair stylist or shampoo company :p

Mikami Shrine 御髪神社 the only shrine dedicated to the god of hair and head

Mikami Shrine 御髪神社 the only shrine dedicated to the god of hair and head

We didn’t have time to check out the real shrine. Sorry >.< I will do it in future articles 🙂 But it looks like this. (Web photo)

Mikami Shrine 御髪神社 the only shrine dedicated to the god of hair and head

And I surprisingly found a monument built to commemorate the friendship between Japan and China, by 周恩来 Zhou EnLai – the first Premier of China. @@

周恩来 Zhou En Lai monument Arashiyama

周恩来 Zhou EnLai monument Arashiyama

It’s not Zhou EnLai but I don’t know who he is. @@

Arashiyama walking tour

Katsura River 桂川 – we went down to the shoreside and played flying-stone (Well I don’t know what it’s called in English, you throw stones over the water surface and bounce it)

Arahsiyama walking tour Katsura river

and we tried to hit them -.-

Arashiyama walking tour Katsura river

Arashiyama walking tour

These boats are used for the annual event in Kyoto – Cormorant Fishing 鵜飼い, in which fishermen use trained cormorant to fish in the river.

Arashiyama walking tour

Arashiyama Katsura river ship

These people are waiting for riding the boat. 😀

Cormorant Fishing in kyoto arashiyama

We didn’t see the event but it looks like this. (Web photos) Is there really such fish eating cormorant size prey? >”<

Ukai Cormorant fishing in Kyoto arashiyama

So you wonder the price? It’s 1,700 yen (US$ 17) to see the performance.

cormorant fishing ukai 鵜飼い at Arashiyama price

cormorant fishing in kyoto arashiyama

Last but not least, my favorite photo for the day! xD Gimme a like if you think it’s nice! haha xD Hope you enjoyed the Arashiyama tour~

cormorant fishing in kyoto arashiyama





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