Challenge The Viral! Korea v.s Japan | ネットで流行っている動画にチャレンジ!韓国対日本

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It’s been a month since my last video


NEW VID!  Challenge The VIRAL! Korea v.s Japan!


Take a look. ^^


This is a video taken when I was on the vacation in Malaysia in Feb. I know I know, the editing is getting too late right? I still have a large footage of Japanese New Year waiting to be edited though LOL.

Sorry for my slooooooooow updates but, who cares?? As long as the video transmits my message to you guys, right? ^^ Bear with me lah~


Who is Shuen?

Challenge the viral who is shuen

Wanna special thank my friend Shuen for the little collaboration. 😀 Applause!

Shuen and I were high school old friends. We have known each other since  grade 2. We used to be in the same dance team and went on quite a lot of dance performances and contests together.

After high school, I came to Japan for study and she went to Korea. One thing that we have common is that, we both have a strong interest on languages and cultures stuff. Last year June, I started my own Youtube Channel, decided to tell more people about what I see and what I think in Japan. (Back then I couldn’t find a way to output my accumulated stories and emotions, there I stumbled on Youtube! – Why I started my Youtube Channel?)

Not long after I started making videos, Shuen told me that she wanted to try to make vlogs too. Here she goes. The “Shuen’s Korea Talk” channel was born and her first video was quite interesting. Check it out on her channel. ^^ Despite our slow updates, we are really passionate about inspiring more people to explore the language and culture. Hopefully you would see more and more stuff from us. 😀


The Message Of This Video – Read The Meaning Behind The Content

Challenge The Viral! Korea v.s Japan | ネットで流行っている動画にチャレンジ!韓国対日本

If you look at Japan Youtubers’ videos, you will find many “product review” style videos.

If you look at Korea Youtubers’ videos, you will find many crazy stupid games videos.

If you look at Malaysia Youtubers’ videos, you will find many short film style videos.

Isn’t it interesting? Of course you can also find different genre videos in each country but what I’m saying here is that, the things which go viral on internet differs from country to country. Do you remember the last time you watched  a viral video? You click, watch, laugh, and forget the video, am I right?

However, if we can try to ask “Why would this video be widely accepted by the country?”, or even “why would this video be made in the first place?”, don’t you think you will find something interesting going on in that society?

Challenge The Viral! Korea v.s Japan | ネットで流行っている動画にチャレンジ!韓国対日本For instance the Mok Pang example in our video, why would people record themselves eating? Because there are people who have troubles in dating girls out for dinner. (I heard from my Korean friends that there is this belief in Korea that a girl who can eat a lot is more preferable to be a wife because they believe eating = happy = healthy.)


Everything happens for a reason. Media is always made up with a certain purpose or the creator’s intention. It always looks too beautiful and amazing that it always fools us around. By figuring out the reason, we can avoid being fooled by the media.


Today’s Naruhodo

All contents contain a message. By asking “why is this made?”, we can read the meaning behind the content.

What about you? Did you notice any specific viral cultures in a country? Share with us. 😀



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