Creative Video – Tokyo Reverse |When The World Is Walking Backward

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A foreigner new media artist – Simon Bouisson, video shooting his photographer friend Ludovic Zuili walking backward in Japan, when he reverses the video, it looks like the whole world is walking backward, but him walking forward!


Sometimes a little tiny idea can impress the world. This video is just the perfect example. I always feel inspired when I saw somebody else’s simple but creative piece of work.

Although it sometimes vexes me that “why I couldn’t think of that idea?!”, I still feel happy to see that many people are trying to inspire one another by means of media.

Do you also sometimes feel inferior after watching others awesome piece of work? Try to enjoy and think that we are blessed to have received such a creative inspiration. And keep up making a better work!

What do you think about this video? Let me hear your voice. ^^

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