How Did You Learn Japanese? – #DearShen Q&A 1

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I have been receiving questions from all of you thru inbox, I was planning to answer it in a Q&A style video but my video making speed is too slow, so i decided to answer questions thru my SNS & blog. 

From now on, I will update blog post “#DearShen Q&A series” from time to time to answer the questions you have. ^.^

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions by tagging #DearShen to my SNS (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, Youtube, Email, Blog and ETC!) 

p/s I only answer question with #DearShen. No # tag no answers ne~~ Please understand. :p 

Today I will answer these questions:

1) How did you learn Japanese? Did you take a class or self-study? How many years did it take you to become fluent?

I started learning Japanese at a Japanese language school in Tokyo – KCP Intl Japanese Language School in 2008. Follow the class module, clean up the homework everyday, pass the exam, do part time job, make japanese friends, this is how i did. No secret, just don’t hurry, enjoy the process. ^^ 

It took me 1 year to pass the JLPT level 1.

I have written a post about Tips Learning Japanese Language. Search “Japanese speaking skill” in my blog. ^^ 

2) Did you ever study more than one language at a time? If so, didn’t you get confused and mix up words? 

Yes, I did study 3 languages at a same time throughout my 12 years education. (many Msian did :p) that is, Chinese, Malay, English. Trust me, it is confusing!! but funnnnnnnnnnn xD u just have to believe that human language learning ability is amazing!

3) Is it rude to take pictures and film vlogs while in public (like in restaurants, cafes)?

I dont think so. but be careful if ur camera is recording ppl u dont know. that is rude.


4) Do Japanese people really freak out and not know what to say to you because you’re a foreigner?

Yes, if he / she hasn’t interacted with foreigner before, u will find them being hesitating to talk to u. like, does he understand Japanese? what should i talk to him? ok ill just keep quiet.

5) How well have you been able to integrate well into Japanese society? Can people tell you’re not Japanese?

So far I am integrating very well into Japanese society (i guess so xD). Often they can’t tell im a foreigner because of my appearance. but when i start talking, they will doubt if im from other region of Japan – my Malaysian accent Japanese lol


Today’s Naruhodo!!

I realized many people tend to worry about their ability of learning Japanese language. “How long it takes to reach the fluent level?” “Is it hard?”

Guys, trust me. Language is FUN! As long as you have a heart to know a new world, languages learning difficulty is not the problem you should worry about.

I understand you want something to worry about!

OK This is the thing you should consider, Do you feel excited when you learned a new word? If not…Kill Yourself lol 

That’s it for today. Have a good night!

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