Foreigners can Become a Maiko in Kyoto too!! [Make-up part]

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Did you read my previous article about how to experience Maiko in Kyoto?


Oh gosh, now give yourself a 3 min to read the article and come back here, because I’m gonna show you how we dressed up like a Maiko in video form!
(Hey why can’t I watch this video directly?…Well…..You can too! :p)


Foreigners Can Become a Maiko in Kyoto too! [Make-up part]

It was my first video recording right after I bought my Canon Kiss x6i 4 months ago. I didn’t plan to make it a youtube video at that time, till this video. 😛 I hope you learn something about Japan from my videos. Leave me comments or suggestions and I guarantee you 100% reply. ^^

If you wanna know more about Japanese traditional dancer Maiko, check out below video.

Share with your friends or family if they are interested in Japan too. ^^ Peace!

Shen Lim
A Chinese Malaysian, Blogger, Vlogger on YouTube, Tour Guide in Japan. He believes 1 day his videos can bring Japan and Malaysia together. マレーシア華人、ブロガー、YouTubeクリエイター、日本にいるツアーガイドです。いつか自分の動画は日本とマレーシアを繋げる架け橋になると信じています。 Read more ABOUT him.

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  1. XxChaosFlowerxX

    They look lovely! 😀 I’m happy to see them look this way ^^ Japanese
    culture is a lot more interesting 🙂 Awesome video Shen! Thanks for
    posting! For some reason, I wanted to see you be dressed up as a Maiko too,
    Shen LOL! xD That would be really interesting to see xDD Also, how do you
    know those exchange students? Do they put exchange students in groups in

  2. ShenLimTV

    Hi Chaos! Thanks for watching my video ^^ Haha I also wanted to try
    dressing up like a Maiko but i was declined by the staff lol I will make a
    video next time when i found a studio allowed me to do so xD My university
    in Japan is called Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. It’s an
    international university where international students and Japanese students
    account for 50% each. They are friends I met in my university 🙂

  3. Cheung Yee Man

    perfect!!! I love anime so i want to learn japanese also english is my
    weekness:( in your video I can learn japanese,english and putonghua and I
    want to say, your cantonese is so cute:D (I’m a hongkong student:DD)

  4. ShenLimTV

    Hi Cheung! thanks for watching my videos ^^ I’m glad you liked them 😀 Hong
    Kong!! I love Hong Kong! Cantonese is my favorite language you know. (but I
    never get to speak standard Cantonese accent lol) teach me more Cantonese
    pls 😀

  5. ShenLimTV

    It’s OK Chaos, sorry for my late reply too lol Yeah you are right. Geishas
    such as Kabuki are played by men. Ill try to find some Kabuki dress up
    course in Kyoto then lol Yeah my uni is very interesting 🙂 I remember you
    said that u wanted to go oversea for study right? check out my college –
    APU 🙂

  6. nocolopa28

    This is amazing! Your videos are really something and I’ve loved every
    single one of them so far. Please keep up the good work. Also I think it’s
    great that you always put subtitles so people who understand English,
    Japanese or Chinese can enjoy your videos. ^o^

  7. ShenLimTV

    Thanks Nocolopa 🙂 It’s my pleasure to receive such compliment. Thanks for
    giving credit to the subtitle! I have put effort into making them and your
    comment just made me feel it worths making 🙂

  8. Akina



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