Foreigners Maiko in Kyoto 2 [Outdoor Part] & A Little Sad Thing

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Sorry for keeping you waiting so loooong! Ouch!! I said sorry ><

I have to admit that I had too much “taking-nap-on-sofa” time when I was in Malaysia for the entire September. Yes, I was lazy to make videos. ^^”  But look, I promised that I would keep on making videos, so don’t worry, Shen’s never gone! lol

Here is the second part of the Foreigners Maiko in Kyoto! Woooooohoooooo!!!!

p/s For those who haven’t watched the 1st part, watch it first. :p 


Foreigner Maiko in Kyoto 2 [Outdoor part]

Leave me a comment what do you wanna see in the next video. I  will do my best to make it in future videos. ^^ I hope you learned something about Japanese traditional Maiko through my videos. Cultures worth spreading! Yeah!


A little sad thing

However, there is 1 thing that made me sad. I was trying to promote my Channel and videos on a famous Malaysia forum – – so I created a thread, posting my videos in it, and encouraged people who like Japan to engage with me in the thread.

Then I received a comment from this guy.

Japan is a bad country

It was in Chinese, saying
1. “Did anybody tell you that you look stupid?”
2. “I personally think that you got too much exposure in the radiation…you should be quarantined in the hospital…”

This guy has commented negatively about my promoting Japan culture to Malaysian audience before. He asserted that we should fight against Japan because Japan used to kill many of our ancestors during the 2nd World War.


What I tried to tell him

I tried to tell him that we should look forward to a brighter future, instead of living our life in vengeance. I tried to tell him that we should not judge a nation just by the behavior conducted by a small part of the nation. Everybody has dark side. If you have stolen once before in your life, do you agree with others treating you like an evil forever? Instead, don’t you want people to try to look at your good side too?

I guess the answer is “everybody tries to have people look at their good side”, right?

That is to say, Japan has done something bad before (It is still a debatable issue in academia), but it has reformed itself.  As far as I have seen, no Japanese wishes to see another war happen. In fact, they love peace. Nowadays, Japan does have many good culture that we should learn and measure up to.

Moreover, the war wasn’t even done by the Japanese people who were born after the 2nd World War. What do we expect from them? Another war then we blame on them again? Then when is this gonna stop?


Just a simple question

Just one simple question for those who hate japan

Just a very simple question for those who criticize Japan culture just because of the war history. If you don’t agree with making friends with Japan, what do you want to do?

A war to fight them back?
Aha! Serve you right! Is this what you wanna do?

I suppose nobody would want to see another war, right? So what are you going to do? I think the only way left is, to make friends with them. Unless you are satisfied with keeping on blaming on the history, and go out there say negative things to put down somebody who tries to make friends with Japan.

If that is your way, I won’t say anything more about it. But if you don’t have a better solution for the complicated history conflict, then why not we try to make a friend?

The Japanese who were born after the war, they all love peace. (except a small part of people, but we should look at the majority right?) Let’s make a better tomorrow together. The world needs us, people who are living now.

Let me hear your voice about this. 😀


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