Happy Birthday to SHEN!!!!

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I was surprised. Didn’t expect it would come so early. Yeah! Mao! You got me this year! >”<

About 2 weeks ago, Mao invited me to have a hot pot party at her house. Of course, I accepted the invitation and naturally thought it was just a normal dinner invitation because I and Mao and JeeJee hang out a lot in Kyoto. This time, would be no difference, I thought.

びっくりしたよ。そんなに早く来るとは思ってなかった。そっ、マオ!今回は見事に騙されたわ! >”<




My birthday is 12/11/1989. If there would be some surprise parties for me (if I’m lucky enough to be loved :p ), I believed it would come around 10-15 November I guessed. Never expected it would come on 4, November Tuesday. >”<

After finishing the whole day class, I was trying to go to library to borrow books for my seminar class research. (Yes I’m studying hard, don’t worry mum :p ) Mao was very strange that day, that she kept hurrying me up to go to her house.

僕の誕生日は1989年11月12日。僕にサプライズパーティーがあるとしたら(運良く愛してくれる人がいればね :p)、それはきっと11月10日ー15日ぐらいの間じゃないかなと予想してた。4日に来るとは思ってなかったわ >”<

その日に一日の授業を終えて、僕は図書館に本を借りに行こうとした。ゼミの課題があったから。(マレーシアのお母さん、僕はちゃんと勉強してるよ :p)その日のマオはちょっと様子がおかしかった。なぜか早く家に行くように僕を急がしてた。



“Shen! Hurry up, I’m hungry! I give u 10 min to go to library ok?” Mao’s perfect lies. -.-

Well, since she said she was starving, and you know how big her stomach is, she could eat a horse! lol So I answered with no doubt. “OK OK! I will be seeing you at school gate in 10 min.”

After meeting up with Mao, we walked to convenience store because she wanted to withdraw money from the ATM. That was a good tactic because it made me totally believe it was just a normal dinner. @@

「シェン早く!おなかすいてるよ!10分与えるから図書館にいってきな!」って、マオの完璧なうそ -.-

まあ、彼女がおなかすいたから急ごうと思った。知ってるでしょう?マオの胃の大きさw食べ始めたら馬一頭だよ! 笑 だから「オッケーオッケー!10分後にゲートで会おう」って返事した。




When we open the door…..Ta-dang!


Shen Happy Birthday in Japan Malaysia
I got a cake with my portrait on it and a message card full with lovely wishes ^^


Happy Birthday Shen in Japan
They came to Kyoto all the way from Osaka and Kobe just to celebrate for me ^^ From left, Suito mum, Jeejee, Iris, Lin, Mao, me, Occho dad 😀


happy birthday shen in japan
Right Keishi. I heard that Suito mum came to Kyoto a week ago to make arrangement with Mao about my birthday surprise. >”<

右はけいし君。スイトお母さんは一週間前に京都に来てマオとサプライズパーティーの打ち合わせしたらしい >”<

happy birthday shen in Japan
I was carrying her but the photographer failed to take from a right angle -.-

お姫様抱っこをしたのに、カメラマンの角度が -.-

happy birthday shen in japan
My new friend Iris from Hong Kong. You guys have seen her in my video “Jidai Matsuri fashion show in Kyoto” right? XD

香港からの新しい友達アイリス。時代祭の動画でも彼女を見たでしょう ^^

happy birthday shen in Japan
Jeejee from Thailand. She has appeared in my video too. “How Malaysian thinks about Japanese girls” :p Here is her facebook page.

タイから来たジジ。僕の動画にも出た事があるよ。「マレーシア人が日本人女性に対するイメージ」 :p ここで彼女の Facebook Page が見られるよ。

Happy birthday Shen in Japan
Lin from Johor! She came all the way from Kobe for me T.T We are the only bonded Malaysian in Kansai..well sometimes she doesn’t understand Melaka Chinese jokes :p

Johor出身のリンちゃん!神戸からわざわざ来てくれた T.T 関西に唯一つながっているマレーシア人の親友。まあときどきマラッカの中国語ジョークを分からなかったりするけど :p

happy birthday to shen in japan
Mao from Taiwan! My special reporter in the video Jidai Matsuri fashion show ^^ You know her right? Her Facebook page here.

台湾出身のマオ!時代祭の動画で特別レポーターを務めてくれたw 彼女の Facebook Page はここ

happy birthday shen in japan
Keishi from Osaka. You know, I never kiss a guy !!!! LOL


Tounyuu Soya bean hot pot in japan
We had 豆乳 (soya bean) hot pot!!!! YUMMY!!!! Mum and Dad packed all their kitchen tools in a luggage and brought it here all the way from Osaka! (1 and a half hour distance!)


shen birthday cake and message card
My cake and msg card! Hey why do I have so many wrinkles on my face?! Just 24 years old OK! lol

ケーキとメッセージカード!ちょっと、何で僕の顔にそんなにしわがついてんねん?!まだ24歳なのに w

Shen birthday cake in japan
Guys, a lesson for you! Never draw portrait on your birthday cake unless you like to be…. -.-



Thanks guys for the amazing surprise! ^.^ I swear to god that I didn’t expect the surprise at Mao house! Though I have participated a several surprise parties for dad, mum, and Jeejee, you guys still got me!

And of course, I will share it with my twin brother. ^^ 24 years, we have walked through our lives together 😀 Happy Birthday in advance Bro!


もちろん、この喜びは双子の弟と一緒にシェアします!^^24年間、ずっと一緒に歩んできた弟 😀 早い誕生日おめでとうございます!ブラザー!



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