Famous Film Director Hirokazu Koreeda Bent Down in Front of Me!

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It was in a special lecture of Hirokazu Koreeda director in Ritsumeikan University. I was lucky enough to be accepted as a participant in his special lecture because he only takes 20 students in his class.

For those who don’t know who Hirokazu Koreeda is, this is how he looks:

Hirokazu Koreeda film director ritsumeikan university

Koreeda Sensei is the director of the family drama “Like Father, Like Son” (そして父になる Soshite Chichi ni Naru), who took the Jury prize at Cannes in May this year. It was the first Japanese win in the category in 26 years! Congratulations! (to him and to me being lucky to be in his class :D)

そして父になる like father like son Koreeda Hirokazu

I haven’t watched the drama yet but please, if you have a chance, watch it! Because Koreeda sensei is an awesome director! 😀

Koreeda Sensei Bent Down?

Today during the special lecture, he was playing a television show made by a famous director in the early times as usual, as his lecture is mainly about “How the TV show in Japan developed to present?”.

We were watching the TV show on the big screen in the class room but suddenly, it seemed something wrong with the CD – it doesn’t play well. Koreeda sensei had to move to the CD player from another side of the screen to check out the problems.

While he was moving to another side through the front of the screen…

he bent down his knees so that he won’t block the students eyesight!

“Koreeda sensei is a modest person!” The first thing came into my mind. He didn’t have to bend down his body at that time because the CD wasn’t playing well. He could have just passed through the screen without bending down. Moreover, a person who has accomplished a great feat like him, more than often, they tend to become arrogant. But Koreeda Sensei did not. He bent down his body in a very natural way. I think that implies his modest personality.


Beautiful Virtue of Japanese

It is easy to tell if a person is a Japanese or not in a classroom, conference room, meeting room, isn’t it?

Japanese people will bend down their body when they have to pass through the crowd. This is a virtue of Japanese that they do not want to interrupt or disturb the interaction between 2 parties. 

I recalled my home university APU and felt that many students usually walked into the class arrogantly even though they were late to the class, or many of them didn’t even bother bending down their body while passing in front of the lecturer during the class.

I know APU has people from all over the world. The cultures and values are diverse so we can’t blame. But I’m talking about the Japanese students in APU. I remembered seeing many Japanese students trying to be a global person, that they try to act confidently (arrogantly in a wrong way).


Feeling too much superior to yourself DOES NOT equal to Confidence

Some people seem to think that being global = get rid of the Japanese silence culture. As a result, some attempt to be assertive and sometimes it goes too much to become arrogant to others’ eyes.

I just want to say that, yes, being global may mean you need to speak out loud more, need to be confident, sometimes you need to feel superior to yourself more. However, the beautiful Japanese virtue such as modesty, MUST NOT be neglected. 

It may sound a bit harsh but in my opinion, if you lost your modesty, please do not tell people that you are a Japanese.

We all should cultivate the modesty by keeping good habits such as bending down your body when you have to pass through people. Well, maybe I think too much? I enjoyed Koreeda Sensei lecture though. :p



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