Love Talk with Japanese Girl Teaser | How Malaysian Guys Think about Japanese Girl

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In order to find out how Japanese girls think about love, I decided to interview a Japanese friend. But before that, let’s see what Malaysian guys say about Japanese girls. ^^


知道日本女生对恋爱的看法,我决定采访一些日本女生。不过在那之前,让我们来看看马来西亚男生对日本女生有什么看法 😛


日本人女性の恋愛観を知るために、私は日本人女性をインタービューすることにしました。でもその前に、マレーシアの男は日本人女性をどう見ているかをちょっと見てみましょう 😛

Apology: I just learned that the term “Jap” actually is meant to be racial slur for English-speaker. I would like to apologize for putting text like “Jap gal” in the video. Sorry for my mistake.

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