Incredible Stop Motion Video Made By Japanese High School Students!! | Blackboard War II 黒板戦争

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This stop motion video is incredible! 1 week after release, it has gotten more than 580,000 views on Youtube!


 黒板戦争 II   Blackboard War II

What is amazing is that, the video is made by high school students! According to the Youtube account called “daiki ikeda”, who uploaded the video Blackboard War, the video was made for school festival purpose. They used more than 3000++ pieces of photos to make the video!< Compare with Part 1, the Part 2 is more skillful and cinematic. Here is the Part I, which was made in 2010 and got more than 600,000 views on Youtube.  

黒板戦争 I  Blackboard War I

Obviously, they improved a lot right? The angle, the transition, the sound effect, the music, everything is getting cinematic like Hollywood movie in their Part II. The Harry Potter broomstick battle scene, the Jacky Chan fighting scene, can’t believe it was all directed and casted by high school students!
What do you think about these Japanese high school students creativity? ^^

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