Kyoto Jidai Matsuri Festival 2 – How to Play with Horse In Japanese?

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I previously made a video about the Jidai Matsuri in Kyoto. Finally completed the 2nd part of it 🙂

And what is exciting about it is that….Shen Lim TV finally has reached 10 videos feat!!! Hooray!! Before I start grumbling my boring thank you speech, check out my latest video 1st. :p

The part 2 I will show you places around the Jidai Matsuri and teach you some methods to communicate with Japanese horses. :p Check it out~


How was it? Did you learn something about Japan through my video?

I’ll be very happy if you could let me hear your voice about the video in the comment section 😀 And will love you forever if you give me a thumb up or share my video with your friends and family ^.^


Finally 10 videos!

Shen Lim TV 10th video! Congratulations! Kyoto Jidai Matsuri

Thinking back to my first video – The 4 Types of Japanese Heeee – I merely made it for fun in order to tell my family and friends how my Japan life is going. I still remember the feeling when I got some insulting comments from unknown people saying words like “You suck” to me. Even thought of stopping making videos because of that.

Who knows? I managed to continue making till 10th video. >”< I guess this is the best achievement of my perseverance to stick to doing something that started totally on my own initiative.

Thanks for all your comments and likes and thumbs up and shares, whatever you have done to support my videos, I really received a lot of inspiration and encouragement from you. Because of you, I finally found the thing I would like to dedicate myself to in my future – to tell more people about Japan from a Malaysian view.


Everything Started Here

Why I started making all these boring videos? (I hope it’s not boring :p) 

It’s all because of 1 guy. A German guy, whose name is Andrei, my bro from the same university APU. One day in 2012, we were having boys talk at the lobby of the university dormitory.

“Shen, you are an entertainer! You should go for it. You can make a difference in this field! Do it when you are young otherwise you’re gonna regret.” He said.

Andrei & Shen Lim TV APU

Me & Andrei with the background APU 🙂

I was lost in my future career at that time. Andrei knew that I used to have a dream to be an actor and tried to encourage me. But he failed. I never dare to imagine myself being an actor because it’s usually said to be a dangerous path, where very few percent of people could succeed in making end meets by doing so.

I left the conversation there, still not knowing what I could do for my future. 1 year after, I bumped into Youtube. A sudden thought hit me that “maybe I can try to be an actor myself on internet?” Look at some famous Youtubers like Ryan Higa, Davidsocomedy, Pointlessblog, Jacksgap, they all started with making a video of themselves talking about something.


“Yea! Why not I try to make a video of myself talking about Japan? Andrei was right, if I don’t have the gut to join the acting industry directly, I can try to start with a small move by myself – I can be a director, editor, actor of myself!” 


Here I am, making videos for you 😀 Thanks Andrei! If you did not tell me what I am good at, I would not have taken this move. Now, I’m enjoying making videos and spreading Japan very much. Even though I’m not going to be a real actor for big movie, I’m already an actor in Shen Lim TV. 😉 Thanks for making me realize my dream!


How will Shen go next?

Life is full of unknown. But I take those unknown as opportunity. I’m very excited to know where this video making stuff will take me to, of course you should feel excited about your future too. 😀

If you wanna know where Shen’s gonna go next, stay tuned with me ya 🙂 As long as Facebook and Youtube don’t go bankrupt, I think you will see my videos from time to time ^^haha Peace!



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