Kyoto Jidai Matsuri Festival – The Biggest Fashion Show in Kyoto!

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Few weeks ago I spontaneously invited Mao to go to the so-called festival – Jidai Matsuri 時代祭. She was totally unprepared to be my reporter (I forced her to lol) but look! She did a very good job didn’t she? Mao, I think you are born to be a reporter. :p

And I met Mao’s friend, Iris from Hong Kong. She is a very nice and cool person. She didn’t refuse to be recorded, in fact, she also joined to be a reporter in my video lol. Thanks Iris. ^.^ Let’s spread the love of Kyoto, Taiwan, and Malaysia to Hong Kong!

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時代祭 Festival of the Ages

[note]平安遷都から1,100年目を記念して明治28年に、桓武天皇を祭神として平安神宮が造営され、10月22日より10月24日にわたって紀念祭が盛大に挙行されました。[…]時代祭は葵祭、祇園祭とともに京都三大祭の一つとして知られ、国内はもとより海外からの参観者も多く、 沿道には豊かな国際色が見受けられます。[/note]

According to the description of the Kyoto City Tourism Association, Jidai Matsuri 時代祭 festival is one of the Kyoto renowned 3 great festivals, with the other two being the Aoi Matsuri and the Gion Matsuri. It is held annually on October 22 at Heian Shrine.

The first Jidai Matsuri was held in 1895 at Heian Shrine, which was built  to commemorate the 1100th anniversary of the founding of Heian-kyo (平安京), which was the former name of Kyoto, in 794 by Emperor Kammu (桓武天皇 Kanmu-tenno).


Big Fashion Show

Basically, it’s a big big traditional fashion show in Kyoto, where 2,000 performers dress as Samurai, military figures, and common people, from the earliest eras to the Meiji era.

In other words, we get to see different eras costume parade at the event. 😀

Jidai Matsuri Biggest fashion show in Kyoto
I think the festival is very meaningful because it was not just a having-fun-parade, it was more like a study-the-history-parade. Every Era costume parade, will be introduced by the announcer with using sound system.

Mao taiwanese reporter from Shen Lim TV
My wonderful reporter – Mao from Taiwan ^^ You’re really born to be a reporter lol

Jidai Matsuri festival in Kyoto Mao & Iris
Sometimes I really want to try to be a foreigner female in Japan. Do you guys always get questions like “Can I take a photo of you?” -.- Going out with Mao, there are always old Japanese guys wanna take photo of her lol

Shen lim TV Kyoto Jidai Matsuri
Actually I was really どうでもいい (not worth bothering about) to this Japanese old man -.- Just after taking photos of my cute friends, maybe he felt guilty not taking photo with me,  I was just an addition photo for him T.T

Shen Lim TV jidai matsuri in kyoto
Don’t take photo with me? Eat my punch! xD

Jidai Matsuri mao taiwan

This old man came to me asking if I’m APU student because he saw I was wearing APU Korean Week 2013 jacket. He seemed to be a alumni of Ritsumeikan University. Of course, after a short conversation with me, he asked for taking a photo with Mao -.-



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