Job Hunting SUCKS – What Is Your Value?

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A lot of my viewers asked me to do vlogs in English…


Here I am!

 Job Hunting SUCKS  –  What is your VALUE??


When I look at my subscribers demographic, surprisingly found that the majority of my subscribers come from English speaking region! Such as Malaysia, Singapore, America, UK, Australia, despite the fact that most of my videos are spoken in Chinese, THANKS GUYS!!

You guys just showed me communication NO BORDER, NO LANGUAGE, NO CULTURES!!! (Ehemm… am I sounding right?)


The Video Background

As you may know, in Japan, every college student starts the job hunting from our 3rd year.

So…I am no exception. :p

It really annoys me that every time students who finding jobs (let’s call ’em job hunters) gather, they tend to talk about how to hunt the BIG companies.

To be more specific, how to “cheat” in the interview so that the BIG company will believe our “beautiful lies”.


But wait a minute….wait 10 minutes!


Is it really the right thing we should put our effort in during the process of finding a job?

I understand getting a job after graduation can mean the biggest change/influence of the rest of your life plan – whether you’re going to end up your life with working like a dog, or lying on the bed in your house seeing your stock rising.

However, don’t you realize that’s a problem of person, not the problem of the company name?

In my opinion, the real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job; that you can best get to the top by getting to the bottom of things. 

Just an example,

One can start from a job such as cleaning toilet, however one day if he wills, he has a big potential to start up a cleaning company and who knows, few years later, it can become one of the top cleaning companies in the world!


Video Message: What is YOUR VALUE?

Don’t you have friends who have quitted some huge company jobs and started doing something completely different from the surrounding expectation?

I have a friend who quitted Google, and now running his own small bar in his residence area.

If pursuing the big company is the right thing we all should do, why would there still be people quitting the company which everyone longs for?

There must be some other factors we should consider other than just the “Company Name”.

Yes! That’s the VALUE!!!

Every dreams must be based on a VALUE. My question for you in this video is : What is your VALUE?


My Friend Who Quitted Google

Being said to be the best company in the world, my friend quitted Google. He said that the Google working life wasn’t the thing he wanted.

He realized after working in Google for few years, that he wants to free people from the stressful lifestyle (his value), and running a bar is one of the ways matching with his value, which is also his dream since childhood.

There are a lot of different jobs which can match this value – to free people from the stressful lifestyle.

For example, publishing a book about how to reduce stress, being a gym trainer, even developing a smart phone apps relating to stress reduction can be the option!

When he realized his value, he felt that there are a lot of things he can do in his limited life!

If you focus too much on “I want to work in GOOGLE!!!!”, once you failed the interview, you feel your life is finished.

On the other hand, if you found your value such as “to free people from stress”, even though you failed Google, that’s okay for you. Because you know there are thousands of jobs that you can choose from to match your value.


Shen’s Naruhodo

If you have a dream, try to figure out the value lying beneath it.

My dream used to be an actor. I can’t become an actor in reality, but I found that I wanted to be an actor because I loved to see people laughing for my acting and different languages jokes. (my value)

I couldn’t be an actor on big screen, but I made my Youtube channel!  At the same time, I am also a tour guide in Japan. Both jobs provided me a chance to act and make people laugh.

So what about you? What is your value? Do you have a job you want in mind? 🙂

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