Fantastic Kimono Forest at Arashiyama Station with 600 LED Light Up

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Hi guys, how ya doing? 😀

Last month, my college friend Ayaka came travel to Kyoto all the way from Oita prefecture. We went to Arashiyama and took a lot of pictures, but I never uploaded it. lol

Today let me bring you to one of the top ranking travel spots in Kyoto – Arashiyama 嵐山.

The train we took from Kitano Hakubaicho 北野白梅町, it’s just 5 min walk from my house. :p
Train bounds for Arashiyama at Kitanohakubaicho
The train is run by Keifuku Denki Tetsudo (京福電気鉄道) company, but the line bound for Arashiyama is locally called Randen 嵐電. It’s an old style rail station, I didn’t even need to buy ticket to get on it.

Randen rail station bound for Arashiyama

The ticket selling machine is inside the train. :p

Randen train bound for arashiyama
I love the atmosphere inside the Randen train because it’s short! This is the whole length of the train as you can see in the picture. :p It feels like your riding on a bus, but you’re not. Amazing 🙂

inside of randen train bound for arashiyama

Randen train inside to Arashiyama

I wonder who will be sitting inside the 駅長室 (Station Master room) :p  What is his job actually?

Arashiyama Randen train 駅長室

The train reached Arashiyama! 😀

Randen train bound for Arashiyama

Arashiyama Station 嵐山駅 in daytime. 😀

Arashiyama station daytime

They were having a campaign for Randen Beer – 嵐電ビール – from 6/29 to 9/29.

Randen beer at Arashiyama Station

Soon we started to realize there were something different at the Arashiyama Station….

Kimono forest at Arashiyama station after the renewal of the station

Yes, the pillars with fantastic drawing on it!

Kimono forest LED light up at Arashiyama station

These pillars are made of Yuuzen (友禅) texture, installed with LED light. It was made to celebrate the renewal of the Arashiyama station. They have an official name – Kimono Forest キモノフォレスト – which means….. the Forest of Kimono. LOL

Isn’t is beautiful? 😀

Kimono forest light up at Arashiyama station

So you realized that? YES! LED should be lighting! lol At night, they turn into…..

Kimono forest at Arashiyama station

There are 600 Kimono Pillars, and 32 different kinds in total.

Kimono forest at Arashiyama station

Kimono forest at Arashiyama station

Arashiyama Station 嵐山駅 with Kimono forest LED pillars

There is a small pond at a corner of the Kimono Forest –  Ryuu no Atagoike (龍の愛宕池). Your wish will be granted if you pray to the pond, and it brings you happiness if you touch the surface of the water.

Japanese call this kind of place as “Power Spot” パワースポット, literally means the spot where you get power from.

Ryuu no Atagoike 龍の愛宕池 at arashiyama station

Touch the surface like this…. (Thank you my model Lasmus lol)

Ryuu no Atagoike power spot at arashiyama station

An awesome photo taken by my friend with his iPhone. 🙂 He is a big fan of Adidas lol

Kimono forest at Arashiyama station adidas

Arashiyama station with Kimono Forest

What do you think the story is between them? :p

Arashiyama station Kimono Forest LED light

Next article I will bring you guys along with me to walk around Arashiyama ^^ Stay tuned with Shen ya!
Kyoto love worth spreading 😀

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    1. Leong Shen Lim

      I was surprised to see the Kimono Forest illumination too. Didnt expect it actually. I just stumbled upon the Arashiyama and happened to know that it was the renewal decoration of the new Arashiyama Station ^^ I heard there was a flood last month. Hope everything is ok there @@

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