Korean Girl Asks My Age

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On the train to Narita Airport, I was reading this book about a story of an Indian million dollar company – Alma Matter.in.

Book “How I Braved Anu Aunty And Co-founded Million Dollar Company – Varun Agarwal”. It is a very inspiring story for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship. Check it out. 🙂


I was reading this hilarious line in the book,

“2 things you never do: ask a girl her age and ask a guy to clean up his room.”

Well, today I met this Korean girl that makes me feel “do not ask a girl her age” doesn’t seem to be an issue for Korean?


In the train

Suddenly, a big suit case slipped to my seat, I caught it! It must belong to the Korean-like lady sitting opposite me.

I helped her put the bag down so that it won’t roll again, then go back to my seat and pretend to be cool.

OK I’ll confess, I have been paying attention on her because she looks pretty and seems to be traveling by herself!

You know guys always have this misunderstanding that when they get to help a girl who is seemingly traveling alone, they get the chance to know her name!

bla bla bla…

The next second, I did something very man!

When the train gate opened at Narita airport station, she seemed to have trouble carrying her bags and suit case out of the train before the gate closes.(I assume subjectively)

I almost with no permission, offered my help,

“let me help u!”

tong, bom, bang, shuuuuu …Quick like lightning I carried everything out of the train.

Then she is a Korean!

I had to speak my very broken and half body language Korean to her since she seemed not understand Japanese and know a little English.

“Are u Korean?”
“Traveling by urself?”
“Yes, I’m visiting my friends in Tokyo. Ur Korean is good!”

“How old are you?” She asked my age, even before she asked where I’m from.

Then she guessed my age as 26, which is very accurate (i’m 25).

“Is it ok to ask a lady her age in Korea?” I asked.
“Yes you can ask.”

“so you are 23.”
“no~(smile) I’m nuna (elder sister)” She seemed relieved after knowing my age.

Then she never tell me her actual age.


Today’s Naruhodo

I have heard from my Korean friends that they are very strict about age. Like some ppl can’t even communicate if they didn’t know your age.

It seems that in Korea, it would be easier for communication to know each other ages. It’s interesting that India has a very different cultures at this point.

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