Kyoto Culture Shock | They Have Announcement for Illegal Parked Bicycle! (Video)

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When I was riding bicycle heading to attend the Entrepreneurship Seminar class i mentioned in my previous article, I saw this!

Announcement of Illegal Parked Bicycle in Japan

At first, I thought It was some kind of warning to the car because it seemed to be illegal parking by the road side. I was so excited because i thought it would be interesting if Japanese police installed those speakers on the illegal parked car, so I recorded it down lol.

But when I was putting the subtitle on, I figured out that it was an announcement to warn about illegal parked bicycle. A little bit disappointed lol but still, It is a culture shock to me! 🙂

Japanese Announcement is kind

I personally like the part when the announcement says “広い道、あなたの放置で、狭い道” (The wide road, becomes narrow, because of your illegal parking).

Japanese announcement is so kind! Don’t you think so?

In Malaysia, the bicycles are more likely to be taken away without such bringing-up-awareness action like this announcement. (is there such law? we don’t even know whether or not it exists. @@)

1 Thing I Didn’t Understand

The car was started and nobody was inside. I looked around and couldn’t find an officer-like person. Who put this announcement on the road?

And why did he stop there? (the car itself is becoming an illegal parked car though ) If you know the answer, please share with us. 🙂

What about your country? Do you have this kind of precaution action in your country? Let me hear your opinion 🙂

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