A Lovely Christmas Message from USA

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It was few weeks ago when time was Christmas.

I woke up and found my Facebook Messenger app beeping with 1 message notification. Open it up, there it is, a lovely message from a friend from USA:

Hey Shen! haha It’s me! Hope you haven’t forgotten me yet! Jesus! I don’t know if I should message you or not. But for Christmas’ sake, I’ll face my embarrassment! Anyway! Please excuse me for my words. I’m a bit of a..uh.. trash talker. Hope you read this! mwah mwah!

Shen, Merry Christmas to you! I don’t know if you guys celebrate Christmas as well? But I’m guessing you guys do. I wanted to tell you that I’m so sorry! I have been wanting to tell you that! For being a dick to you.

Because of my STUPIDITY I forgot that you were busy making videos. I kept making you translate shit from one crappy shit to another. The moment I saw the “seen” thingy below our chat, and received no replies!

I knew you were mad. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.. I really really really, from the bottom of my heart, wanted to say sorry to you. But I was afraid that you might reject it, and block me or stop any other means of communication between us.

That’d be sad. Shen! I know there’s only 5% possibility that we could meet one day, but hey, you’re considered a dear friend of mine! AND honestly, I’m not good at making friends, haha, I usually reject friend offers/ back stab them!

BUT! I never do these to my true friends. I’ve been talking to my friends about you, and told them to watch you videos on You Tube. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of your You Tube account, since when I open You Tube on my iPod touch, you’re the one who pops out. Soooo… We all didn’t know your account. But now we know.

Honestly Shen, my view of you as a person is a very snobbish… very Mr. Complicated & Sensitive type of guy, but I guess I was wrong! You’re a great person with lots of talents! And I envy you for that

So, yesterday! I finally found some free time from work. I watched a video of yours, the.. Japan why are you like this. I forgot the Malaysian title.. Was it Japan Why You Macam Ini? ahaha I don’t know.

Anyway.. When I watched it, I saw you did a little speech of yours first about the brother thingy. God! You were so great! HONESTLY! YOU WERE! I was like, “Shen could do this?” I wanted to salute you for that!

I’m not overreacting, what I’m saying is true and from the heart! Your video and the time you talked had the perfect timing, and I was like, if I was there… I don’t know, I’ll probably be vomiting infront of the whole student body. Funny, but true.

Anyway Shen, hope you have a great christmas! Find yourself a girl for christ sake! Love you Shen Make great videos ok? I’ll be supporting you ’till the end.

P.S The reason why I was hesitating so much about sending you this message was because… You might react like “Are we friends” or anything…like that. Hopefully, you won’t react like that.

 My Reaction:

Shen Lim TV message from USA

OMG?!! First of all, Merry Christmas to you! (Too late ><)  Thanks for the message. It is the longest message I ever got on Facebook messenger. I could feel how careful and genuine she was when she was writing this to me.

It was like 515 words letter! (I counted it on MS word lol)  Who would spend times writing 515 words for no reason? I suppose she spent more than 15 min to finish this letter. Thanks for spending your precious time writing the lovely Christmas message to me. It really brightened my day even now when I feel tough, I read the letter to cheer myself up ^^

Second of all….WHAT? Am I snobbish?

Nanananah, I ‘m actually very kind. lol You know it too late. :p  So I think here is my resolution for 2014 – to show more hearts so that people won’t think I’m a snobbish guy. ^^”

Anyway, this is a very cheerful treasure I have got from USA, I want to cherish it so I will keep it in my blog so that I can refer to it again whenever I feel down. 😀 Thanks the love from USA! You know I’m talking to you~


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