The Message From Cancer Patients – CanBe Jazz Live in Myoshinji Temple

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A lot of you asked me to make more Japan outdoor vlogs.

New video: The Message From Cancer Patients – CanBe Jazz Live!!


The Message From Cancer Patients

This is a documentary style vlog I made for my friend Sanda san, who is the founder of CanBe project.

It was my first trial to make it in documentary style, please forgive me for the bad quality. ^^”



Guess what! The footages were recorded in…….last year October! >.< I am very sorry Sanda san, for keeping you waiting for almost a year. TT

Even though I tried to hide the truth that I delayed for 10 months…this photo I posted on my page betrays me. TT

CanBe Jazz live in Myoshinji

I met Sanda san last year October at the Glober Shapers event when I just finished my vlog – Don’t Call Me Brother.

I was having around 700 subscribers on Youtube that time. It was a very small number but the number seemed to be meaningful to Sanda san’s eyes, which I didn’t see.

She told me, “Shen, you are doing a really meaningful thing! My company will hold a charity event next week and it would be cool if you could come record a video.”

OMG!! I was really happy to hear that because I never expected that my vlogs could involve in something official. And the CanBe event was a big event for me because it involved some public figures such as the former Geiko Jazz singer Makoto, the respectable priest Matsuyama Daigo.

Thanks Sanda san for inviting me to the event as a press. Your offer really meant a lot in my vlog career because it improved my confidence in making videos. ^^


Video Message

There are approximately 700,000 people getting cancer every year in Japan. Despite the fact that 80% of the cancer patients are suffering from loss of hair, the aftercare for cancer patients in Japan is not sufficient. Many cancer patients then lose the confidence to live and start to give up their lives.

Sanda san is a beautician. She believes beauty can help the cancer patients find their confidence, and then lead them to the joy of life. Her project CanBe (Cancer Beauty, Can be myself, Can be a supporter) is aimed to spread the love to cancer patients and bring public awareness to their aftercare.

This event is not only to spread the love for cancer patients, but also to give us a second thought about our meaning of life.

Everyday people dying. But we are lucky to be alive. Don’t you think that there is a meaning, a reason for our lucks?


If you have something to say to the cancer patients around the world, drop a message after watching the video. 😀 Peace

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