Oh My Goodness! Middle-aged Man Rental Service in Japan?! おっさんレンタル

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Rental service is a popular business in Japan such as CD, DVD, Manga, Car, Bicycle and etc.

But hold on….Middle-aged Man (おっさん) Rental Service?! What the hell is going on?????

The Ossan Rental Service became a popular topic on the Japan internet trendy news site – Naver まとめ recently. Let’s check out what exactly a Ossan rental service is in this article.

Ossan Rental Service Website おっさんレンタル
[browser-shot width=”300″ url=”http://ossanrental.thebase.in/”]

Ossan Rental Service

On the about page of the Ossan Rental Service site, it says :



おっさん直通ダイヤル 090-5134-6025 もしもしと高い声の46歳のおっさんが電話にでます♪ 頑張って24時間対応したいです! [/note]

Translation by Shen:

“This is a service which you can rent a skillful, experienced and good looking Ossan (middle-aged man) at a low rate as 1,000 yen for 1 hour. You just need to put the Ossan into your cart and pay when you receive the Ossan.

You can play, talk with him, make him do errands or work,  or killing time with him.

You can reach our Rental Service directly by dialing 090-5134-6025. You will hear a high-pitched “Moshi-moshi” after the dial, answered by a 46 year-old Ossan. I will try my best to answer your call 24/7. “


Who can you rent?

#1 Professional baseball commentator at Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters

Ossan rental service in Japan

Mikio Sendo (千藤三樹男, born 28/9/1974 ) a professional baseball commentator at Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters (北海道に本ハムファイターズ). The purchase is effective starting from 2 hours rental.


#2  46 year-old Fashion Producer

Ossan rental service in Japan

This Ossan purchase is effective starting from 1 hour rental. It’s returnable by post. Cash on delivery.

Takanobu Nishimoto (西本貴信 にしもと たかのぶ), Osaka. Wife 27 years old.
Fashion Producer / Stylist

Freelance 24 years.
Visiting Lecturer at college
Creative School Founder
Speech, Event Planner

What can you do with Ossan?




“What can you do with weekend rental?

・Accompany to try new car together (Import Car Dealer)
・Accompany to show room (research for new purchase of apartment)
・Culture Festival Planning consultation (College)
・lunch together (love consultation)
・Art Gallery together
・Consultation on study (study domestic or abroad)”

I first thought the service was strange but it seemed to be a proper business. Would you use the rental service to rent a middle-aged man?? What would you do with the Ossan?

Let me know your opinion in the comment section. 🙂

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