Hellooooo~~~World! こんにちは!(日本語以下)



I must compliment you because…..YOU FOUND ME in the vast internet sea!!!

Though internet can be a scary place to make new friends (yes it’s true when you stumbled on some shit sites) but I believe every one of you here is awesome. Because I’m an awesome person too. lol So take it easy, enjoy the community, and have fun! 😀



What is Naruhodo?

Let me explain what Naruhodo means first.
“Naruhodo” means “I got it!” in Japanese language. In my country Malaysia, we usually say “Oh I see!” (OIC) .

Therefore, the main purpose of this blog is to help people who are interested in Japan gain a better understanding on how Japan is like. I hope to hear “Naruhodo” or “OIC!” from you after exploring this blog. 🙂

Here I will cover the following topics about Japan:

  • Life
  • Culture
  • Travel
  • People
  • Language
  • Random

You still wonder how my blog may help you?

  • Understand how working / studying is like in Japan
  • Learn how to communicate with Japanese
  • Explore Japan cultures, places, people
  • Sharing creative and funny Japan stuff
  • See the world through my eyes
  • And have fun! After all, nothing is more important than making friends!


ShenLimTV Naruhodo Blog
Maybe you have some questions to ask me. So I thought why not make a FAQ for most asked questions. 😀


Who are you?
Hi~ My name is Leong Shen Lim (林良升). My friends call me Shen. I was born on 12, November 1989, the next day of the Single Day 1111 (Thank God!). I’m a Chinese Malaysian, born in the historical World Heritage – Malacca. I’m currently living in Japan, it’s been 5 years for me!  I’m going to graduate next year and get a job, find a girlfriend, then you will see where I’m going next. :p

Just a little history about me: (CV)

2007                     Pay Fong High School graduated (Malacca)
2008 – 2009       KCP International Japanese Language School graduated (Tokyo)
2009 – 2010        Working for Japanese company / teaching Japanese in Malacca
2010 – 2013         Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), Asia Pacific Studies (Beppu, Oita)
2013 – 2014         Ritsumeikan University exchange (Kyoto) / Naruhodo Blog & ShenLimTV born! Hooray!
2014 – ?                APU (Beppu, Oita)   ->  next destination will be updated :p


What do you do beside blogging?
I’m a 4th year student in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (a.k.a APU). Beside blogging, I make videos on Youtube, study about Media stuff (my major), join parties, meet new people, travel, take photos, then blogging lol.

And I’m working as a Tour Coordinator, Tour Guide in Japan too. ^^ Just let me know if you want to travel to Japan. 🙂

Guess what, I’m a bboy! I have a crew in Malaysia – Cypherz Kingz. I have stopped dancing with them since I came to Japan but the team has grown up to the top 4 Bboy crew in Malaysia! Proud of you guys. 😀 Check out our videos on Youtube by searching Cypherz Kingz.


Why do people read your blog?
I don’t know but I ‘ve been told that my stories providing a different view of Japan culture and Japanese mind. And people seem to buy my boring sense of humor. lol  Some people told me I’m cute in my Youtube videos….. (damn it I thought I made it cool!)

And I speak 7 languages which are Chinese, English, Japanese, Malay, Cantonese, Hokkien and Korean (learning). So my blogs and videos are sometimes in different languages. Isn’t it interesting? Language is so beautiful! Anyway, stay with me if you wanna know more about Japan from a multilingual view. ^^

Are you trying to be an artist?

I have a dream. A dream to become an actor. So if there is a chance, I would definitely give it a try! Quit my job, sell my car, dump my future tense gf (oh no just kidding! I will love her very much :P). But for now, no. I just want to tell more people about Japan. In fact, I’ll be working in tourism industry in Japan after graduation, but nothing will stop me from blogging and making videos. 😀


I have something interesting maybe you could participate…
Stop! Don’t say it here, hit me on  shenlimtv@gmail.com !  I love interesting things and new projects! Let me be a part of you. ^^ Alternatively, you can reach me thru other social networks.

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Oh ya! I’m on Youtube channel too! Subscribe me to get more Japan tips in video form. 😀

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Any more questions?
I will update here from time to time.
Remember, have fun and be awesome! ^^




ようこそ!Study in Japan - Pros and Cons



ここのコミュニティをゆっくり、たっぷり楽しんでくださいませ! 😀







したがって、「なるほど」と「異文化と言語」の精神をミックスして、「なる好ど」という言葉を作っちゃいました。w 日本人の皆さんにすみませんが、ジョークとして思っていただければ幸いです。w




  • 日本留学経験
  • 言語や異文化に関する内容
  • 旅行
  • ライフハック
  • 私のオピニオン
  • 自分の動画


  • 外国人の視点から日本を見る
  • 言語と異文化の面白さを発見し、世界平和を促進する
  • ポジティブ思考で生きる
  • Youtuber とブロガーの観点から物事を考える


Q & A


私についていろんな疑問を持っているでしょう。ここで少し Q & Aで自己紹介します!w


初めまして、私はLim Leong Shen (リムロンシェン)と申します。1989年11月12日生まれで、1111ポッキーデーの翌日です!マレーシア中華系4世で、歴史的な町マラッカで生まれ育ちました。日本に来て6年目です。今年大学卒業して、仕事をして、彼女を探して、そして次のステップまたお知らせします。w


2007                     培風中學 卒(マラッカ)
2008 – 2009       KCP 地球市民日本語学校(東京)
2009 – 2010        日系企業で就職・日本語教師兼業(マラッカ)
2010 – 2013         立命館アジア太平洋大学入学(別府、大分県)
2013 – 2014         立命館大学交換留学(京都) / なる好どブログ & ShenLimTV 生まれた!
2014 – ?                立命館アジア太平洋大学(別府、大分県) ->  次は後ほど知らせますw


私は今立命館アジア太平洋大学(APU)の4回生です。ブログのほかに、私は Youtube で動画を作ったり、メディアに関する勉強をしたり、パーティーに参加したり、新しい友達を作ったり、旅行したり、写真を撮ったり、そしてブログを書いたりします。w


そして、私はなんと、Bboy です!マレーシアでチームに入っています。 Cypherz Kingzというチームです。日本に来てから一緒に踊る時間が少なくなったのですが、チームは成長し続け、今はマレーシアのトップ4です!誇りに思っていますよ皆! 😀 Youtube で Cypherz Kingz を検索して観てみて下さいね。



私は7つの言語を話せます。それは中国語、英語、日本語、マレー語、広東語、福建語、韓国語(勉強中)です。なので、私のブログと動画はたまに違う言語を使っています。言語は面白いでしょう?多言語主義者の視点で物事をどう見るかを知りたければ、遊びに来て下さいね 😀





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