Resolutions 2014: 10 Things To Make Me A Good Man

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It’s time to resolve for 2014!!!

Wait…isn’t the 1st of January 3 months ago??? Yes, you didn’t read me wrong. I said “it is time to resolve for 2014″… for the Japanese new fiscal year! :p

In Japan, the season of cherry blossom – April – is considered as the start of the new fiscal year. The settlement of accounts of every shops / companies, graduation ceremonies and entrance ceremonies of every school, everything, everywhere makes a new start along with the cherry blossom in Japan!

At this point of time, people make resolutions to say goodbye to their lazy past year, and hello to the new start. Me? I want to make resolutions here for my 2014… to be a good man!


10 Things To Make Me a Good Man

Resolutions 2014: 10 Things To Make Me A Good Man

Part 1: Mind 

1. Know myself

Find out who you are and be happy with that person. There is no one way to be a man. A real man can be a hermit who lives in a cave doesn’t shower for 10 days. A real man can be a hawker who earns bread for his family but hard to make ends meet.

Everybody has a real man image in his mind. For me, I want to be a man who can connect different cultures. That’s why I am doing this blog and youtube channel. Otherwise you won’t be reading this post. (Nooooo!)


2. Be knowledgeable about something

It doesn’t really matter what it is but you should consider becoming pretty familiar with one area of expertise. A man shouldn’t just follow what others say. A man knows his stuff and gives positive influence to others.

I want to be an expert of Japan and media. For the new fiscal year 2014, I will put effort into studying more Japanese culture and media such as blogging, vlogging and social media. It has always been my goal to become able to teach people about these two area of expert. 🙂


3. Know when I have made a mistake and learn to say sorry

A man should know when to eat humble pie and when to hold his head high. There is no wrong with making mistakes. Confident men know when they are wrong and are not afraid to admit it.

Especially in Japan, the culture of apology is practiced everyday. But honestly, the apologies in Japan always tend to be bound by the measly few words. Learn different ways to say sorry. A ticket to a movie, a meal, a small gift, men know that these are often more effective ways of communicating regrets.


Part 2: Body

Resolutions 2014: 10 Things To Make Me A Good Man

4. Groom myself even though there is no one around

Men know that grooming himself is essential. Men fit grooming into his busy schedule.

Shave every day, even if you are growing beards. Exception if you are living out in the woods, you may grow as long as you want. Shower and bathe when necessary. Cut your hair and finger nails regularly. Staying clean and neat is a respect not only to others, but also to yourself.


5. Exercise

We don’t need to be ripped, but we need to take care of our body.

Many people make resolutions to stay in shape but always end up with trying to follow a few weeks, only to slip back into the hypnotic couch. Set up recurring weekly “meetings” with friends or co-workers for workouts. This social obligation is likely to hold you, and them, accountable to show up, and once you have shown up, you might as well start sweating.


6. Wear clothes that fit me

Our clothes don’t need to be designer or cost an arm and a leg. Check out some fashion magazines for some fashion reference and pick one which you think pleasing to your eyes.



Part 3: Spirit

Resolutions 2014: 10 Things To Make Me A Good Man

7. Develop my own principles

A man knows right from wrong and expects others to play by his rules. Look inside yourself and ask “would I want somebody else doing this to me?”

For me, a man never judge people by appearance, a man helps others in need, a man trusts his friends, family and significant one. Develop your own principles to live by.


8. Be ambitious in my way

Whatever career or profession you choose, a man should set goals for himself, live up to them and inspire others that they can do it too. Define your own idea of success.

My idea of success is to create something to inspire people to explore the world, and eventually teach people how I managed to make it out. In order to achieve this, I chose to be a freelance tour guide in Japan, while others expect me to go for a conventional career path such as getting into a big company.

Have faith in yourself. Trust your own decision.


9. Learn to make sacrifices for the people I love and care about

The difference between a man and a boy is that a man steps up to the plate, while a boy hesitates or complains. Especially for the people we love, a man looks at the sacrifices as a duty – unpleasant but impossible to avoid.


10. Be a good man

Integrity is doing the right thing, for the right reason, even when no one is watching. Just doing the jobs that you think is your responsibility, doesn’t always make you a good person.

Never stop trying to the right thing. If I’m going to be a man, be a good man.


Today’s Naruhodo

My resolutions for 2014 to be a good man. No jokes. I’m serious!! If you found these helpful for you to be a good man too, feel free to share it with your friends. 🙂

Be a man, be a good man! ^^ Happy 2014!


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