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Last Saturday, I went to a Ballroom Dance Party where the ballroom dance clubs from 7 Universities in Kansai area gather to foster better relations within the Kansai area community.

It was soooo much fun as ballroom dance is a totally new field for me. Up to now, I have been breakdancing for 8 years. You know street dance tend to be solo and it really doesn’t matter even though you are alone.

However, ballroom dance is totally opposite! You can’t dance by yourself. You have to communicate with your partner and combine your souls. Otherwise, you will either trip yourself or get slapped by her lol “Two is better than one” is the perfect theme song for ballroom dance. 😛

There were more than 200 people gathering at Kobe University and everybody was free to invite anybody to dance Jitterbug on the dance floor. It was so easy to make a friend from opposite sex because your senior keep dragging you to the dance floor with somebody else. Read carefully….It’s DRAGGING!!! As a result, I danced with 7 different girls. But eventually I didn’t get to invite the girl I took a fancy to. sob

This club doesn’t dance only for social purpose, but also for competition. This is how they dance in a competition.

Sorry that the video is not complete. I took the video just for introducing purpose. lol And you know what, 2 members from our club – Ritsumeikan University – have won the championship in Kansai area lately! This is how they dance.

It was awesome right! But this is not the best I have seen from them. OK you can’t stop me now. I already decided my goal for 2013 – be able to dance like them! lol

This is my fellow members from Ritsumeikan University Ballroom Dance club.



Juniors are not allowed to eat

OK it’s time to get to the topic – juniors in this dance club are not allowed to eat!! >”<

Specifically, in Ritsumeikan University Ballroom Dance club guys community, juniors are not allowed to eat until the senior 1 year older than you start eating.

More than 200 people went to dinner together after the dance party. only, yes, ONLY Ritsumeikan University guys’ table, the food had never been touched from the beginning till the end of the dinner.

Ritsumeikan University ballroom dance club no touching food

This is how the table is like, from the beginning till the end of the dinner…. (2 hours!)


Nobody dared to eat…

Nobody dared to take the food because the oldest senior in the club – 4th year student – didn’t start eating.

FINALLY, the 4th year student took a piece of fried chicken!!! Wait…Why I still can’t start eating?

Because the 3rd year students hadn’t started eating!!!! And there were few of them, which means none of them could start eating. Why? because there were few 3rd year students and if one of them started eating 1st, it would have made the rest think that he considered himself the older.

OMG!! The seniority system and humble culture!!


What if you break your chopsticks before your senior?

Oahhhhhh!! You are dead then.

If you eat before your senior, get ready to drink few bottles of beer in one gulp.

It seems to be Ritsumeikan University Ballroom Dance Club culture that, If you break your chopsticks (eat) before your senior, you will be forced to drink whole bottle of beer as seniors’ request.

You can check out how Japanese drink here.


WHY do they do that?

According to them, this is one of the educations for the juniors. They want to train the juniors’ manners as to respect older seniors. And at the same time, train their drinking capacity.


What about girls?

When I looked at the girls table, hmm….yummy….everybody was eating as usual!!! They shared food, talked, no making-juniors-drink stuff, peaceful, harmonious, it was paradise at girls’ table!!!

Ritsumeikan University Ballroom Dance club girls

So the conclusion is: only guys have this culture in Ritsumeikan University TT

Some Japanese girls were worrying if I could fit in the Japanese guys strange culture, they came to save me out. lol

They brought me to other universities’ table for introducing myself. And guess what, we went to girls-only tables! lol

They have a common culture of introducing yourself within the 7 universities in Kansai area. This is how they introduce themselves to other table people.

So the process is:

1) Say 1 sentence, i.e My name is
2) take 1 sip alcohol.
3) another sentence, i.e Shen
4) take 1 sip again.

The people listening to you will repeat what you just said so you wont feel awkward like you are talking to yourself alone.

It’s quite interesting I think ^^


Naruhodo! OIC!

To sum it up, Ritsumeikan University Ballroom Dance Club has a very serious seniority system problem. Come on! 2 hours dinner and nobody touching the food!! That’s food harassment! Objection! lol

However, we could see why Japanese society can be so self-discipline, all because of their etiquette training in everyday life. Everything has pros and cons. Although It was hell for me that I couldn’t eat the food, I felt the good intention behind the “strange” culture.

Now is your turn. Have you experienced any strange culture shock on the dining-table with Japanese? Share with us in the comment section. ^^

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