Iyooo~ Shabu-shabu しゃぶしゃぶ Ninja Restaurant in Japan

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(You may not recognize….this is a ninja sound!!! sorry my bad lol)

As you know, there are many “strange” (let’s call it special xD) restaurants in Japan. Like I have been to jail restaurant, mental hospital restaurant, Alice in the Wonderland restaurant, and today I’m going to bring you guys to another special entertainment restaurant in Japan – Ninja Restaurant!


Ninja Kyoto Restaurant & Labyrinth

Ninja Kyoto Restaurant and Labyrinth Shabu-shabu

Ninja restaurant has been popular since few years ago. It’s a Ninja concept restaurant where the restaurant is built like a Ninja house and what is amazing about it is that, you get to enjoy how Ninja serve food, some special Ninja menu with fire magic in front of you, and they even have magician Ninja entertaining you at any point of time while your eating.

The official website of Ninja Kyoto Restaurant
[browser-shot width=”300″ url=”http://www.ninja-kyoto.co.jp/”]

Check out the official introduction video of the restaurant on Youtube 🙂

Ninja restaurant kyoto entrance

There are Ninja guarding the entrance all the time. It’s interesting that they won’t talk to you in normal Japanese language.

Ninja Kyoto Restaurant Ninja guide entrance

They sound like Ninja serving their lord all the time, which is interesting but at the same time makes me feel “I’m not talking to a human.” Kinda sad huh @@

It seems that there is labyrinth attraction before we get to our table but I don’t know why, we didn’t get any instruction to experience the attraction. >”< We chose to have Shabu-shabu course, maybe Shabu-shabu customer is not supposed to be directed to the attraction?

Cave like decoration in ninja kyoto restaurant

Once we got in the restaurant, there was a cave like hall way. You feel NInja? XD

Shabu-shabuしゃぶしゃぶcourse in ninja kyoto

There are 3 different all-you-can-it courses.

3 all-you-can-it courses (soft drinks free refill):
¥1,980 pork,
¥2,480 pork & beef
¥2,980 Porb, Beef, and Pork made in Nichinan city, Miyazaki prefecture.

Extra ¥1,000 yen you can have free flow alcohol!

What is Shabu-shabu?

Japanese shabu-shabu in ninja kyoto restaurant

Shabu-shabu (しゃぶしゃぶ) is a Japanese dish featuring thinly sliced beef boiled in water. It’s very interesting because you all you need to do is just stir the meat in the port water and it gets boiled soon and become edible. 😀

Caution: some people (me) might think because the action of stirring meats in the water is called Shabu-shabu, then the original verb form of the action should be “Shaburu” しゃぶる…


Be careful of the meaning of Shaburu. It means “suck” in Japanese lol. You don’t wanna tell your friends you are “sucking” the meat do you? ^^”

Shabu-shabu meat in Ninja Kyoto restaurant

Shabu-shabu meat.

All-you-can-eat side dishes in Ninja Kyoto Restaurant

All-you-can-eat side dishes.

Soft drinks are free in Ninja Kyoto Restaurant

Soft drinks are free 🙂

Alcohol all you can drink in NInja Kyoto restaurant

Alcohol is there if you pay extra 1,000 yen.

Ninja Kyoto restaurant with Ninja waitress

The waiters in the restaurant are very happy to take photos with Ninja martial art gesture.

Ninja gestures in Ninja Kyoto restaurant

Let’s be a Ninja together xD

The inside of the ninja kyoto restaurant.

The inside of the restaurant.

cave like tables in ninja kyoto restaurant

They have cave like tables in the restaurant.

Bathroom sign in NInja Kyoto Restaurant

The sign of the bathroom is also Ninja style xD

Pocket torch rental in Ninja Kyoto restaurant

Because the labyrinth is dark, they got 300 yen for 1 rental pocket torch in Ninja kyoto restaurant?!

Bathroom in ninja kyoto Restaurant

You know some ppl prefer clean bathroom while choosing a restaurant, for your reference 🙂

Ninja see you off at ninja kyoto restaurant

A Ninja ran after us when we got out from the restaurant, and sent a wishing message to us with a Ninja hanging scroll. It says “Wish you good luck for everything”

Although we couldn’t try out the labyrinth attraction and all those fancy Ninja menu, we still had a very good time at the restaurant. ^^ The food was really good! Try it out guys!

By the way, on the way to the restaurant, we bumped into a politician speech at the central district of Kyoto city! The politician is Toru Hashimoto, the mayor of Osaka city, who is having a high profile recently in Japan politics.

Crowd in Kyoto listening to Toru Hashimoto speech

I was curious why these people are so concentrating on listening to the speech…

Toru Hashimoto politician speech at Kyoto

Then the security guard told me:” He’s the real person.” Huh? what real person? I don’t get it….Oh! he’s the famous politician – Toru Hashimoto!

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