ShenLimTV On The Biggest Chinese Newspaper – Sin Chiew!!! (English Translation)

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Sin Chiew

ShenLimTV On The Biggest Chinese Newspaper - Sin Chiew!!!


ShenLimTV On The Biggest Chinese Newspaper - Sin Chiew!!!


English Translation Of The Article

   Lim Leong Shen’s definition of being famous on internet is – to build our own community.

   He said that he hopes to deliver the message of “Multi-lingual, Multi-culture, World Peace” through his video channel, then gather like-minded people, and build a healthy community.

Multi-lingual, Multi-culture, Build a Healthy Community

   Lim Leong Shen, who speaks Chinese, Japanese, English, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay and Korean languages, gained popularity on internet by making a series of videos about languages and cultures. His “Malaysian Chinese” series of videos, triggered a big discussion among internet users from Chinese region, and gained him popularity on internet. He was even recognized on the street by his viewers for photos.

   After graduation from Chinese elementary school and Chinese high school, he went to Japan for study abroad. He was not used to the Japanese life at the beginning. During his study in Japan, he spent 1 year in Kyoto as an exchange student, and started writing blog about his Kyoto life actively as blogging was his biggest resource.

   “Actually I was sensitive about the culture shocks. I hated the Japanese way of communication and social manners. I had many things that I wanted to tell the world, that Japan is not as a perfect country as people think it is!”

   Meanwhile, he was majoring Media Studies and learning about media from Koreeda Hirokazu director. He started to realize the importance of media and how it works in the society. “I learned the power of media and what it can do to our society. I also learned how to analyze the rising internet media and the mainstream media, and realized their importance in the society.”

   Then, he remembered a word he had been told by his German friend, “Shen you should join the entertainment industry. You can bring laughter to people!”

   At the same time, his high school friend told him to watch Nigahiga’s video, and said “Nigahiga was bullied when he was young, but he succeeded by making videos!”

   Lim Leong Shen was encouraged and excited about the discovery of Nigahiga. With his outgoing personality, he had been doing many activities such as MC, actors, dancers.  “Maybe I can make videos!” He started to turn his blog into video form.

   His videos received many positive responses, which changed his mind about Japan. “I started to realize the beauty of Japan culture. The more videos I make, the stronger feeling I have. I started to get used to the Japanese cultures, attitudes and mindset.” The changes also changed the direction of his video making, “I changed my vision to ‘Multi-lingual, Multi-cultures, World Peace'”

Self-making videos, Discover the mystery of Malaysia Chinese and the culture shocks studying in Japan.

The world is big. Go out and see for yourself.

   It seems that creating an internet video is easy, everybody can do it, but the process is not as simple as we think. From writing script, survey and research, shooting, to editing, he made them all on his own. “It takes me 25 hours to make a 10-min video. Even a 5-min video will take me 15 hours to complete.”

   Beside the video making, he also has to interact with his followers on social media. “I manage my social media whenever I’m free. For example when I’m eating, or taking train. I try to keep my blog 2-3 articles / week, but since I started making videos, I always failed to do it. I will try my best to keep it back.”

   Well his videos also received some negative comments. “I do receive some negative comments such as, you look like a monkey, your English sucks, your Chinese is not standard.” However he does not care about those offensive comments. “I only care about constructive comments.

   He does not like the term “famous”. “Famous” is a misleading word. It is often captured as negative meaning. I think a better way of saying is ‘to build our own community’.”

   Lim Leong Shen emphasized that he hopes his video channel can deliver a message of “Multi-lingual, Multi-culture, World Peace”, gather like-minded people, “build a healthy community.”

   “Essentially, building our own community, can also be interpreted as building our own fans, it also means becoming famous. However, it is a win-win situation. It is a “famous” which contains social creating meaning. It is not the “Famous” which contains the topic of speculation.”

   The attention of internet changed his life. Trading companies and travel companies approached him. Some viewers decided to study abroad after watching his videos. Even some people started to learn Malaysia Chinese accent. These occurance gave his life a big change, “I became more confident to my life”

   He realized the influence of an internet personality. Therefore, he hopes he can transmit positive messages through his activities, and also hopes that the society can have a better understanding about internet video making. “I hope everyone could understand that, internet video making is not only about the topic of speculation, or to become famous. The definition of ‘Famous’ needs to be reorganized and re-recognized again.”

   He also hopes to tell everyone through his videos that, “the world is big, go out and see for yourself.”

Thank You Sin Chiew!

Thanks Sin Chiew for interviewing me on your national paper!!!

Actually i received an email from a nice journalist from Sin Chiew 4 days before the article. She told me that she wanted to interview me since my first video about “Taiwan Chinese vs Malaysia Chinese”, but couldn’t get a chance to do it.

Finally their newspaper is preparing a topic about “Internet Creators”. I was asked more than 10 questions through email, and I replied almost more than 2000 words I guess lol.

Next article I will share the original interview that I had with Sin Chiew in my blog.

Because of the article, my family finally understand what I am trying to achieve in my life.

My family laminated the article and made my little cousin the ambassador xD

My family laminated the article and made my little cousin the ambassador xD


Thank you Sin Chiew. T.T


The Biggest Message Of The Article

The biggest message I want to tell in the article is that

“making videos on internet is not about becoming famous, it’s about delivering a message, a vision.”

I hope young man nowadays can treat internet content creating in a more sophisticated way, instead of just trying to get likes on facebook, to get views on youtube.

We make something because we want to tell something that can help others.


For me, that is “Multi-lingual, Multi-cultures, World Peace”


Comment tell me what you think. 😀 I can’t wait to read your opinion!

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