Taiwan v.s Malaysia Popular Music Karaoke Challenge With Mao

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Wasssssssup guys! Mao is back!!!! After 4 months since last video. :p

Check out our new video, which is still hot like a Cha-seow-pau just came out from the steamer!

Taiwan v.s Malaysia Popular Music Karaoke Challenge

How many songs you have guessed in the video?? Be noted that these are all popular musics we listened to in our childhood. (Don’t call us outdate lol)

I can’t believe I forgot how to sing “Lian Ai Da Ren 戀愛達人” & “Yi Ge Ren De Jing Cai 一個人的精彩”!!! They are the song I used to listen to everyday in the car when mum was driving me to school. ><

Another shocking fact was that, Mao doesn’t know how to sing “1 Million 一百萬” !!! which is a Taiwanese song, ruled the entire Chinese community in Malaysia.

ps. Just realized that “1 Million” is a Singapore song. I had been mistaking it as a Taiwan song >< (edited 12/4, 3:40pm) 

Of course I understand that Mao is born and raised in a Cantonese family. So please don’t judge her Taiwanese language ability, ok? 🙂 We can learn 1 thing from this fact that,

Language does affect a person cultural identity. 🙂


My New Perspective Of Video Making

I gained a new perspective about video making recently, which is

“as long as a video can make its viewers happy, it is meaningful.” 

If you have been following my videos or blogs, you might realize that I give a main message to each piece of my work. I state the “Video Purpose” at the bottom of every video, so that people won’t get confused by the content itself.

Yes, if a content doesn’t have a “message”, delete it! That will be a waste of time. – –

Every content must have a main message, just it’s obvious, or vague.

I have always wanted to help and contribute to this society. I used to avoid making funny entertaining video such as challenge game videos because I thought they were not contributing to the society.

However, as I make videos and get feedbacks from my viewers, my perspective changed.

As Long As My Viewers Feel Happy

台灣 v.s 馬來西亞 流行音樂卡拉OK 挑戰 | Taiwan v.s Malaysia Karaoke Challenge | 台湾 v.s マレーシアカラオケ・チャレンジ

I get many comments from time to time such as,

“I was having a very bad day but this video made my day!”
“It’s so happy to see Malaysian getting along well with other countries ppl! Proud to be Malaysian!”

Then I realized, it doesn’t have to be something big and formal in the video like “hey you should go to the orphanage to film for charity”. (I hope one day I could collaborate to do it!)

Me, myself, as a Malaysian, making video to public, this is already a big message.

If a Malaysian – Shen can get along well with other countries people in the video, it is already giving a message,

“Hey look, the world is so diverse and beautiful, go check it out! Shen can do it, you can do it!”

Then it matches perfectly with my value which is, “spread love to the world by exploring languages and cultures”!

When my viewers feel happy after watching my videos, they feel happy to be a Malaysian, to learn Chinese, to learn Taiwan cultures, to study abroad in Japan, etc.

It is just as simple as this – make something people feel happy to watch. 😀

So this video is no exception, I’m telling you guys that Malaysia and Taiwan are good friends. 🙂 Hope you liked it!


All The Chinese Musics In The Video

Here I will embed the musics we mentioned in the video, for Chinese language learning purpose. 😀

From Shen side:

1. Wo Nan Guo – 5566

2. Long Juan Feng – Jay Chou

3. Super Star – SHE

4. Xiao Wei – Huang Pin Yuan

5. 1 Million – Huang Yi Fei

6. Tong Hua – Michael Wong

From Mao side:

1. Qing Fei De Yi – Harlem Yu

2. Ai De Jiu Shi Ni – Lee Hom Wang

3. Lian Ai Da Ren – Show Luo

4. Wo Xi Huan – Fish Leong

5. Yi Ge Ren De Jing Cai – Elva Hsiao

6. Wo Ai Tai Mei – Zhang Chen Yue


Today’s Naruhodo!

As long as a video makes its viewers happy, it is meaningful. 🙂 Good Luck with your Chinese Karaoke!!!

Shen Lim
A Chinese Malaysian, Blogger, Vlogger on YouTube, Tour Guide in Japan. He believes 1 day his videos can bring Japan and Malaysia together. マレーシア華人、ブロガー、YouTubeクリエイター、日本にいるツアーガイドです。いつか自分の動画は日本とマレーシアを繋げる架け橋になると信じています。 Read more ABOUT him.

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