Am I too Thin? 10 Fastest Ways to Get You Fat

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“Hey Shen, did you lose weight? You look thinner than before!”

The word that kills my excitement to meet an old friend every time I came back to Malaysia. Then I was like…

“I wanna GET FAT!!!!!”

I know…I know, saying this may hurt people who are trying to lose weight but honestly, there are many people trying hard to get fat too. Like me! But never succeeded. 🙁 There I searched online for methods to get fat and surprisingly found many people have the same concern!

Here are some interesting tips that can get us fat quickly! You may try some of these but be careful! Some of them are powerful, but not healthy. 🙁 Of course for people who are on fat-loss program, heed these tips because they will destroy your program. 😛


10 Fastest ways to Get You Fat

10 fastest ways to get fat

10. Down the fruit juice
Fruit juice gets you fat! We often thought fruit juice to be a healthy beverage but actually, it contains  many carbs and a large potion of these carbs will be fructose, which get converted to body fat much quicker. So guys, drink fruit juice if you wanna get fat.


9. Binge drink
Beer belly! The word first came up to my mind when I think of drinking. Yes, it’s easy to consume over 1,000 calories on a good night of drinking. If you add up pizza, chicken wings and peanuts while drinking, it easily gets you full pound of fat over the course of the evening.


8. Eat Carbs
My friends always ask me to take more carbohydrates and yes, it is the thing you need to get fat quickly. High-carb foods, such as pasta, pizza, dried fruit (, are dangerous in terms of turning your body into fat storage state because they cause your insulin level to soar. All these calories would float around in blood and nowhere to go.

10 fastest ways to get fat


7. Eat out
Eating out frequently at restaurants. Many people think fast food gets them fat quickly but actually dine-in restaurants are almost twice as bad. The average entree can easily pack in well over 1,000 calories! So eat out at restaurants instead of fast food.


6. Take the car
Walking can easily burn off 200 to 500 calories per day. Take the car to save our calories!


5. Eat greasy food
Remember #8 mentioned that high-carb foods will raise your insulin level and put your body into fat-storing mode? Now it’s time to take some fat. Eat greasy food such as pizza, doughnuts or burgers.


4. Eat more at dinner
Human body has a better digestive function at night. Eating more at dinner can help absorb nutrient more easily than other time in the day. Which means, practice above tips at dinner, will improve the effect of fat-storing too.


10 fastest ways to get fat

3. Eat high-protein foods
Men naturally gravitate toward protein-rich foods whenever they have a craving. Here is a list of high-protein food to put you on the quick road to get fat.


2. Move back home
Didn’t you realize that we always gain weight when we are with our parents? If you are looking to maintain a lean body, though, this may be the last thing that you want to do. Mom’s high-fat, high-calorie cooking will lead you to excess calorie consumption. Plus, you just need to focus on eating!


1. Forgo your muscle-building workouts
Forget how a gym looks like. Never ever turn your head to a gym-like building. Then you get the ticket to the express way of gaining fat. :p (of course you need to practice the above tips)



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