My Video “Taiwan Chinese vs Malaysia Chinese” Reported by Oriental Daily News!|動画「台湾中国語 vs マレーシア華語」が 東方日報に掲載された!

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Deep breath…….


My video “Taiwan Chinese vs Malaysia Chinese”.…. WAS REPORTED BY ORIENTAL DAILY NEWS!!!!


Oriental Daily News Malaysia 東方日報 17/02/2014 (Mon)
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Original Content

大马中文,语言杂烩 – 一周至 HIT



影片指出,这包括“做么” (为什么), “很显” (闷骚或无趣),“Beh Tahan ” (无法忍受),“漏风”(饼干潮了)等,这都是大马人常用的“华语”。


English Translation

Malaysia Chinese, Language Chowder – The HIT of the Week

A short video which explains the differences between the localized Malaysia Chinese and the Taiwan Chinese language, is spread on internet recently and strike a chord with its audience.

This 12 min 54 seconds video explains the differences of the Chinese language between the two places through a vivid conversation conducted by a Malaysian boy and a Taiwanese girl.  Unlike Taiwan Chinese, Malaysia Chinese language has been influenced by the local culture and foreign languages  which has made it distinctive and special. This shows the unique multicultural society of Malaysia.

The video uses examples such as “Zomok” (why) , “Sienz” (boring), “Beh Tahan” (can’t put up with), “Lou Fong” (stale) and etc. These are all “Chinese language” Malaysian usually use in daily conversation.



マレーシア華語、言語の「杂烩」(中華料理の一種)— 週刊トップ HIT



動画の中に取り上げられた例として「做么」(何で?)、「很显」(つまらない)、「Beh Tahan」(我慢できない)、「漏風」(クッキが古くさくなった)などのマレーシア人がよく使う「華語」が挙った。


The Power of Social Media

I am really surprised by the spread of the video. The video was recorded in Japan before I departed to Malaysia for Chinese New Year and was edited and released in Malaysia.

If I did not come back to Malaysia, I would have ended up living my February like usual in Japan without knowing that the video has gone viral in Malaysia after its 1 week release.

Thank you for liking, sharing, reporting my video. ^^ I really appreciate all your times and attention.


The power of social media is big! 


Even now, every minute my video is being viewed and subscribers and messages keep coming in. You never know who viewed the video and what influence you had made on them after the video. Some tell me that the video made them switch their mindset from being shameful of the broken Malaysian Chinese language, to feeling proud of the Malaysian style Chinese. Some say that the video has brought them closer to their Taiwanese friends.


Small influence makes big change. 

Maybe among the viewers, there are revolutionist in cultural field? Maybe they would decide to make a revolution to bring Malaysia culture to the international arena after watching my video?

You never know what kind of impact your video would give to the viewer! That’s why I believe a small influence, can make a big change in future! All we need is a start. This feeling of expectancy really gets me excited to make more videos. ^^


The Keyword of Shen’s Video – Curiosity

I got questions like “Shen how did you decide your video topic?” all the time so I decided to research the keywords of Shen’s videos. Is it “Japan” ? or “Malaysia”?

Hmmm…partly correct. But I think, all my videos share 1 thing in common. That is, “they all started with a WHY“.


Since I was old enough to understand what a songwriter/producer is, I’ve had a curiosity about how Max Martin creates what he creates. I wanted to see that happen. I wanted to be there. I wanted to learn from him.– Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift started her career with 1 word – Why. Curiosity keeps us moving forward. Sometimes we see an illusion that most of the things are already answered by someone else – there is nothing left for us to explore the answer. However, by asking “Why?”, you will soon realize many questions are no answer yet in the society.

You want to know the answer. If you want to know the answer, which means there are people who want to know too. A video answering questions people have will be remembered. 🙂
No exception, this video also started with a why question: “Why Taiwanese people don’t think Malaysian can speak Chinese?” Perhaps this is also a question of all Chinese Malaysian. Just nobody has yet tried to discover the answer directly from a Taiwanese.

There I make the move – talking directly to a Taiwanese girl. I think this is why people sympathize with the video. 🙂 Because they want to know the answer from a Taiwanese too. Some of my friends came and said to me “Hey Shen! wow you are famous now! so good to be famous huh?”

Honestly, I feel happy, but not because of the popularity of the video. It’s because my message in the video is being spread among a large number of people who sympathize. 😀 What is more excited than seeing the right message being sent to the right people? I really hope my video message can give positive energy to somebody who shares the same passion with me. 😀
I will not stop asking WHY to myself. Hopefully you will see more videos of mine remind you of the keyword – curiosity. ^^ Stay tuned with Shen Lim TV !



A Chinese Malaysian, Blogger, Vlogger on YouTube, Tour Guide in Japan. He believes 1 day his videos can bring Japan and Malaysia together. マレーシア華人、ブロガー、YouTubeクリエイター、日本にいるツアーガイドです。いつか自分の動画は日本とマレーシアを繋げる架け橋になると信じています。 Read more ABOUT him.