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It has been a month since I uploaded this video to my Youtube though…

I still think sharing my video intention and thoughts are necessary for every video I make ^ ^


The Response Was Surprising!

For all my previous videos, I always posted onto Youtube 1st, then Facebook. But this video, I chose the opposite way to test the effect of Facebook. I posted onto Facebook 1st, and WOW….the response was quite surprising! ^^

Vlog: Malaysian Can Speak Chinese!!!

938 shares, 1409 likes (Shen Lim TV page)

I also made the 1st try – uploading onto my personal FB. As a result, the video uploaded on my personal Facebook attracted about 800 people follow my personal FB. For the first time in my life I felt the power of Facebook.


Vlog: Malaysian Can Speak Chinese!!!

1232 shares, 1802 likes (personal FB)

What is more exciting is that even people who don’t understand Chinese language, they watched the video and gave me feedbacks! Thank you! I’m really happy that the effort I put into subtitles was not wasted. T.T


Growing 500 views everyday.

Growing 500 views everyday.

On Youtube side, the video is growing 500++ views everyday!! Which means there are people keeping sharing this video to tell their friends that “Malaysian can speak Chinese”. :p

The likes I received on my Youtube upload are 1,538, whereas the dislikes are only 8! Which mean the majority of my audience sympathized with my video. ^^

Thank you very much for supporting my video guys. You know what, I have 60++  ideas waiting to be made into videos!!! So you know what to do…..Click the damn red button “Subscribe”! lol


Why I Made This Video? Be Proud To Be A Chinese Malaysian

Some people might think that my video intention is to tell people “Malaysian Can Speak Chinese!” Yeah, that’s not wrong. That is the direct message I want to deliver through this video. But I have a hidden message for this video, which is – BE PROUD TO BE A CHINESE MALAYSIAN. 

I have had a strange feeling since I came to Japan 6 years ago. Why Chinese Malaysian students feel embarrassed when speaking our own Chinese accent or English accent to our foreigner friends?

Yes, even myself, I used to think “OMG It’s so embarrassing to speak Malaysian accent Chinese and English!” 

But hold on, look at my Australian friends, Canadian friends, British friends, American friends, they don’t change their accent when talking to each other! They respect each other accents and cultures.

Now look at my university – APU. We have students from Thai, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Korea, Africa, India, South America…etc. None of these countries speak English as their native language, but we communicate in English with our own accents!!


Who Cares About The Accent?

Yes, who cares? As long as we can use English as a tool to express ourselves clearly, the accents are not important. Moreover, the English combined with various pidgin languages amazes me! Look at the Hawaiian English, they mix with Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and aboriginal language!

How did they do that? There must be some beautiful mix of cultures formed in that local English language. Now look at our Manglish, or Singlish, we mix Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese, etc. Don’t you think this is a beautiful result of the history and the culture mix?

But throughout the years we, Chinese Malaysian, have been feeling linguistically inferior to other mainstream Chinese regions such as Taiwan & the mainland China.


Media & Political Power Decide The Standard

We think that the Chinese language spoken in Taiwan & China is the standard language. And we tend to feel inferior when talking to them in our local accent.

But let me ask you a question. Who decided the standard accent?

Look at the US and UK, they speak totally different accents, but how come they are both considered standard English? Remember how many dynasties the mainland China has had? Every time the dynasty changed, the official language changed!

The current so-called “standard language”, is apparently decided by media & political power. When the government says “Beijing accent” is the standard, it becomes standard. When the Taiwan TV shows and musics spread all over the world, and produced a number of powerful idols, everybody tends to admire how Taiwanese speaks Chinese, then it becomes a standard.

You say Singlish is not standard? But if you live in Singapore, you will sometimes find foreigners trying hard to learn how to speak Singlish. Why? Isn’t it a non-standard English? Because Singapore is gaining power in the international arena! Then people started to admire how Singaporean speaks English.


So Why Feel Embarrassed To Speak Our Local Language?

When we know the truth of the “standard-ism”, we know that there is no need to blind pursue the “standard language”. The local language has its charm too. It is the crystal of our local history. It tells a beautiful story of how our ancestors managed to live in this country.

Of course it is necessary to have a good command of the standard language. Being able to command the standard language can help us in various aspects such as career, study, communication.

I am not asking you to give up learning the standard language. What I am trying to say here is – learn the standard language, value our local language. 


Now your turn. What do you think about this? Let me hear your voice by commenting below. ^^

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