Why You Never Get a Japanese Girlfriend – 9 Lines that Tell You She is Waiting for Your Call

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Have you ever regretted that you thought you and she would start a relationship but it ended up with nothing?

No?  I have! 

The many times of “I-thought-it’s-gonna-be” makes me feel like a loser. 🙁 Am I really not attractive to female in Japan? Or because they think I’m not interested in female? (NOOO!!)

After reading this article, I found out that one of the biggest reasons that my love never happened can be that – I missed all the best timing to tell her my feeling!

So guys, if you are also having the same problem as me in Japan, let’s remember these lines! They are the hints a girl would give, telling you that “Come on, ask me to be your girlfriend!”.

p/s The content of this article is based on Japanese language, I can’t guarantee if it works in other language or culture too! Take your risk guys :p 

9 Lines That Tell You She is Waiting for Your Call

Why You Never Get a Japanese Girl Friend - 9 Lines That Tell You She is Waiting for Your Call

A Japanese web magazine – Sugoren, conducted an online survey to its female readers in terms of “What would you say to a guy to hint that you have a feeling on him”. Below are the lines a girl is likely to say in Japan.

1. 「〇〇くんみたいな人が彼氏だったらなぁ」

“How great it would be if you were my boyfriend.”

When a girl identifies you as her ideal boyfriend, which means she is expecting to go out with you! “I expect he’d date me out after I said that.” (a Japanese teenager Sugoren’s reader) Other than this, any “it-would-be-great-if-you”  sort of line usually implies the intention of the girl.


2. 「一緒にいると落ち着く」

“I feel comfortable when I’m with you.”

This is the thing she would say to tell you that “feel comfortable = there’s chemistry between us”.  “Why wouldn’t we go out together if we feel that comfortable with each other presence?” (a twenties Sugoren’s reader)

However, feeling comfortable while staying together can also mean “we are best friend”. Be careful guys!


3. 「私、恋したら待つ派なんだよね」

“I’m a person who doesn’t take action when it comes to love.”

When a girl emphasizes that she is passive when it comes to love, it’s time to show her some positiveness! In this situation, you really shouldn’t answer “Me too”.


4. 「私のことどう思ってるの?」

“What do you think about me?”

If she asks you this, she wants you to tell her clearly “Do you like her?”. “I want him to tell me whether he likes me or not.” (a thirties Sugoren’s reader) Don’t tell her ambiguous answer such as “I think you are pretty”. Instead, tell her if you want to date her or not!


5. 「積極的な男の人っていいよね」

“I like men who are proactive and decisive.”

Even though the 草食系男子 (Herbivore men) is gaining popularity in Japan recently, still, girls expect some manliness from guys. When a girl tells you this, she is trying to make you move.


6. 「最近ほかの男の人に言い寄られて困ってる」

“I’m quite annoyed by some guys who have been trying to approach me lately.”

She is trying to let you know that “Hey, if you don’t ask now, I’m gonna be taken!” Be careful of your response. If you say something like “why don’t you try to go out with him”, you are doomed.


7. 「ねぇ、好きな人いないの?」

“Do you have someone you like?”

A straightforward and clear attempt to let you know that she is interested in you! If she is the one you like, tell her now. If not, tell her “I will let you know next time.”


8. 「もしかして、鈍感?」

“Why are you so thick-skinned?”

When a girl is trying hard to let you know that she likes you and you show no awareness to it, that makes them anxious. It’s very clear that she wants you to be “thin-skinned”.


9. 「私、心を許してない人とは二人きりで出かけたりしないの」

“I don’t go out alone with a guy usually.”

When you meet someone who says this to you when there are just the two of you, Aha! You know what? You are special to her. She is trying to make you understand “You are different from other guys”. Try to reply in this way, “So I’m OK for you?”.


Today’s Naruhodo

After reading this article, the first reaction of mine is…..DAMN!!! I have heard all of these lines before from a girl! What about you?

Now I know it. I hope you can make use of these psychology in your next relationship too. 🙂



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